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International Day of Disabled Persons – Ocean Park Fun Day 2016 Welcomes 8,000 Participants


As part of its continuous effort in promoting social integration of people with disabilities and the able-bodied, Ocean Park is hosting the International Day of Disabled Persons (IDDP) – Ocean Park Fun Day for the 24th consecutive year, receiving 8,000 guests with disabilities, their friends and families from 18 districts in Hong Kong today and on 27 November. The Park also collaborated with the Hong Kong Society for the Deaf to arrange on-site sign interpretation at Ocean Theatre, Amazing Bird Theatre and Whiskers Theatre, so that guests with impaired hearing could enjoy and learn more about animal conservation.
Benny Cheung, Chairman of the Organising Committee for the IDDP 2016, also the Chairperson of The Hong Kong Joint Council for People with Disabilities, said, “Ocean Park has been supporting the IDDP for years, giving those with disabilities the opportunity to enjoy a weekend out with their friends and families at the Park. Being a home-grown first-class theme park, Ocean Park has been improving its in-Park facilities and services to care for guests with special needs. Its great dedication in taking up corporate social responsibility to provide equal employment opportunities also deserves commendation.”
Ocean Park has always attached great importance to guest experience, including people with disabilities. All rides, animal exhibits and theatres are equipped with barrier-free access, which facilitates guests with disabilities to enjoy a hassle-free park experience. To further assist guests with special needs to have the best in-park experience, the Park launched the Queue Assistance Programme in 2014, under which a Care Card will be given to any guest who is unable to wait in a long queue due to his/her special health conditions, enabling the guest to gain priority access to the Park’s rides and attractions.
Brian Ho, Executive Director of Human Resources of Ocean Park, said, “Being Hong Kong people’s Park, Ocean Park has been constantly optimising its facilities to care for the needs of people with disabilities. In addition, regular training courses are organised for frontline employees, so that they can better understand the needs of guests with disabilities. These courses help our employees adopt the right attitude for serving guests with special needs, learn basic sign language and know more about in-Park barrier-free facilities.” He added, “Ocean Park also encourages equal employment opportunities and supports social integration of persons with disabilities and the able-bodied. Currently, a total of 57 employees with disabilities are working with us. We call on the public to join us to create a society for all.”
Ocean Park has organised the Ocean Park Selective Placement Trainee Programme for persons with disabilities for the fourth consecutive year. This year, a total of 9 trainees have joined the nine-month training and internship programme. The Park also provides adjustments in the workplace for employees with disabilities, offering them a favourable working environment for developing their full potentials.