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Luna Midnyte Spins Ghostly Charms at Ocean Park’s Spooky Halloween Bash


 Six New Haunted Zones where Pure Horror Reigns Supreme

(Hong Kong, 8 September 2006) Celebrate the eerie festival of Halloween at Ocean Park Halloween Bash. This year’s event promises to bring you a larger than life fright night, where, for the first time ever, the park will extend the hours of horror to 12 midnight. Move between six new haunted attractions, where the shimmering Luna Midnyte will make her frightening debut as the park’s public face of mystique, and the leader of over 200 shrieking spirits of the night. Appearing as a regal Chinese groom in the press conference, Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park, tells a tall ghostly tale with the charming Luna Midnyte, dazzling all with her electrifying power.

Enter at your own risk. Enter the six haunted worlds, the ‘Vampire Ball’, ‘Tortures of Chinese Hall’, ‘School of the Damned – presented by Kinder Bueno’, ‘Alien Invasion - 3D – presented by Pringles’, ‘SCREAMatorium – presented by Energizer’ and ‘Courthouse Massacre’, where cloak wearing vampires, raging demons, evil mutant professors and freaky alien slayers roam at large.

Beware of the ancient portal that will transport you to the ‘School of the Damned’ where classes in hell run wild with demon students, psycho killers and crazy teachers. Deep in the forgotten catacombs of the park where time stands still, ‘Vampire Ball’ will deliver a spine-chilling waltz that will leave you screaming for sunlight. At the ‘Tortures of Chinese Hell’, poor tortured souls hunt for lonely victims in ferocious packs. As for an extraterrestrial encounter where horror knows no bounds, the ‘Alien Invasion 3-D’ unleashes a sinister universe of monstrous aliens and gigantic flying saucers. Madness turns wild at ‘SCREAMatorium’, a lonely funeral parlor where nightmarish acts of cannibalism, mutilation and weird experimentation occur at the hands of madmen. For pure torture that will leave you screaming for eternity, enter the “Courthouse Massacre”, a grand court of law gone horribly wrong, where wrongly-judged souls seek revenge on the judge!

Additional ghostly magic will occur with Luna Midntye, Ocean Park Halloween Bash’s leading spirit, who will lure 200 ghouls through the park creating pure bedlam in their wake. To evoke the true spirit of Halloween, the multi-talented Luna Midnyte and her ‘Solid Ghould Dancers’ and ‘Mummy’s Boys’ will create ghostly magic with spellbinding shows featuring high-energy music, dance and acrobatics. “Ocean Park Halloween Bash is extra special this year as our leading lady Luna Midnyte makes her much anticipated debut. Guests will be enchanted by her creativity, energy and dynamic way with the spirits of the night, adding value to what is already recognized as the spookiest Halloween entertainment in Asia,” said Allan Zeman.

“In addition to great entertainment, this year’s Ocean Park Halloween Bash will again extend real value for money to our guests. Our gate admission offers guests unlimited access to all six haunted zones. That’s right, one pass, one night of endless horror!” added Allan Zeman.

The fright continues in the Scary Zones where a ghostly ship wreck, a terror filled jungle, and a zombie infested cemetery, respectively, will create an extra spooky haunting. The spirit of Halloween will come alive with the ‘Moonlight Madness’, a spectacular medley of lights, lasers, music and special effects. For hungry souls, the ‘Exotic Halloween Dinner’ extends a chilling dining experience at the Captain’s Table, Terrace Caf?and at kiosks throughout the park.

For the sixth consecutive year, Ocean Park Halloween Bash continues to set the standard for interactive and innovative theme park entertainment. The popular Ocean Park Halloween Bash is recognized as the region’s premier Halloween event where creative entertainment cultivates an unforgettable park experience that appeals to almost all audiences. This year, the Halloween activities are fully supported by Kinder Bueno, Pringles, Energizer, Esther Beauty, and Nestle Hong Kong Ltd, bringing the spookiest fun to our guests.

“Ocean Park Halloween Bash is possibly the largest Halloween event in the region. Our annual Halloween Bash is recognized for excellence in both concept and delivery, and it is the only true Halloween event that captures the spirit of the festival to enhance guests’ experience with non-stop pure mystique. Book your tickets now, and scream your heart out at Ocean Park Halloween Bash,” said Allan Zeman.

Between 29 September and 31 October, on every Friday through to Sunday, and on public holidays, from 5.30pm to midnight, the park will come alive with the divine sights and sounds of the underworld. Not for the fainthearted, those who have got dare should book their tickets now, to avoid missing out on Hong Kong’s premier fright-fest.

Night Tickets and Privilege Tickets are available at www.halloweenbash.com.hk, the Ocean Park Main and Tai Shue Wan Entrances; while night tickets only are also available at the Citybus Route 629 terminus at Admiralty, 7-Eleven stores within MTR stations, KCRC Ma On Shan Railway stations, East Rail stations and West Rail stations, respectively.

* Please refer to separate document for pricing details.

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Ocean Park is Hong Kong’s unique home-grown theme park with a heritage of delivering family fun and fond memories. Since its opening in January 1977 as a non-profit organization, Ocean Park has developed itself to be a world-class attraction connecting people with nature, and recognized for its animal husbandry, research and relationship with the community. Over 76 million people have visited Hong Kong's premier park since its inception and Ocean Park has remained committed to offer adults and children experiences that blend entertainment with education and conservation.

Media who attended the Ocean Park Halloween Bash 2006 press conference experienced pure horror when scary zombies and ghosts paraded through the hall.
Media who attended the Ocean Park Halloween Bash 2006 press conference experienced pure horror when scary zombies and ghosts paraded through the hall.
Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park, appears as a regal Chinese groom, accompanied by the Park's latest Halloween icon Luna Midnyte and Whiskers dressed as a Vampire.
Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park, appears as a regal Chinese groom, accompanied by the Park's latest Halloween icon Luna Midnyte and Whiskers dressed as a Vampire.