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(Hong Kong – 2 June 2009) Ocean Park Hong Kong and The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (Towngas) have reached an agreement for a 30-year collaboration to build the necessary infrastructure and to supply gas, making Ocean Park Towngas’ first and only business partner with this record term commitment. The collaboration was also hailed by both parties as a joint conservation effort to bring about a cleaner environment.
The contract was signed recently by Ocean Park Chief Executive, Tom Mehrmann and Towngas Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, James Kwan, JP. Under the terms of the agreement, Towngas will be responsible for the entire gas supply system, which will not only serve Ocean Park’s existing needs and requirements, but will also cater to all the new facilities under Ocean Park’s HK$5.55 billion Master Redevelopment Project (MRP) that will open in phases between now, and 2012/2013.
Mr Mehrmann said, "With this deal, Towngas will design and build the necessary infrastructure to supply gas for all of Ocean Park’s food and beverage operations. In addition, the supply of gas, and the state-of-the-art technology to be developed by both parties, will also set the direction for a compelling new attraction within the MRP – a spectacular nightly show in the lagoon with an awe-inspiring fire-on-water special effect. This lagoon will be part of Aqua City in the future Waterfront area."
According to Mr Mehrmann, Ocean Park will also adopt other applications from Towngas. This will include the use of a gas-fired desiccant-based dehumidifier system to control the indoor air quality for the future Grand Aquarium at Aqua City.
Mr Kwan said, "Towngas has 147 years of history in Hong Kong, and we have a strong household presence, but we are also totally committed to our business partners, and our maxim is “Igniting Your Business Success.” Our entire company is very excited to be part of Ocean Park’s transformation. Today is only the beginning, and we look forward to ‘igniting Ocean Park’s business success’ further."
Mr Kwan added, "Ocean Park is a torchbearer for conservation. As such, Towngas and Ocean Park’s collaboration becomes a perfect synergy of conservation ideals. Towngas uses natural gas as one of the main production fuels. It is a highly environmentally-friendly energy source which is low on CO2 emissions. In fact, if a household uses town gas for cooking everyday, the environmental benefit at the end of one year is equivalent to that household planting eight trees! So, by choosing town gas, Ocean Park is creating the beneficial effects to the environment that are similar to the planting of 200,000 trees every year."
Ocean Park’s Mr Mehrmann concluded, "Both Towngas and Ocean Park are homegrown brand names with deep connections to the Hong Kong community. Much of what we do is also propelled by our convictions to create a better environment for the future. So, Ocean Park is delighted to have Towngas as our partner at this key moment in Ocean Park’s development, especially while we are reaching new levels as a world-class theme park of the next generation. The partnership also demonstrates the Park's continuous effort and commitment in promoting environmental conservation. "
Photo below shows Ocean Park Chief Executive, Tom Mehrmann (right) and Towngas Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, James Kwan, at the signing occasion to mark the beginning of a 30-year collaboration. Witnessing the process were Towngas Boy (first from left) and Ocean Park mascot, Whiskers.