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Ocean Park Celebrates Golden Snub-nosed Monkey Lokie’s First Birthday


Ocean Park today celebrated the first birthday of Lokie, the first-ever golden snub-nosed monkey born in Hong Kong. To mark this special occasion, Lokie’s caretakers presented him with a birthday cake made from his favourite iced fruits, which features a beautifully engraved longevity peach to symbolise the Park’s wish for Lokie to grow up healthy and happy. The team also prepared a unique pumpkin enrichment item for Lokie as a birthday gift, which he happily shared with his parents, Qi Qi and Le Le.
At one-year-old, Lokie weighs about 3kg and has grown a thick coat of golden fur that brings out his bright eyes and cute appearance. Although being very playful and hyperactive in character, Lokie is now able to sit properly on a scale to have his weight measured. Owing to his curious and observant nature, Lokie has learnt not only to groom himself, but to help groom his parents as well. As he slowly weans off breast feeding, Lokie now spends more time eating solid food, which includes his favourite peanuts and choy sum. Guests are encouraged to visit Lokie and join in his birthday celebration at the Park’s Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures.
Apart from visiting Lokie, guests can also enjoy the Park’s Animal Discovery Fest* from now until 6 May 2018. Thanks to a series of brain-stimulating workshops and fun games at the Animal Discovery Stations, guests will have the opportunity to tell shark eggs apart, build bird nests and crack the colour coding on the identity wristband of the Park’s penguins. Even more exciting, families can get up-close with the capybara – the world’s largest rodent, and the red-handed tamarin – nature’s agile stuntman, for the first time in the limited-time “Meet the Capybara & Tamarin” programme!
*Animal Discovery Stations are available free-of-charge from 21-22, 28-29 April; 1, 5-6 May 2018, while the “Meet the Capybara & Tamarin” programme is available for on-site enrolment from now until 6 May 2018, with which enrolment fees apply.