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Ocean Park Extends Warm Welcome to First HZMB Tour Groups Today


With the official launch of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) today, Ocean Park welcomes its first tour groups from Guangdong and Zhuhai, in partnership with mainland travel agency GZL and China Travel Service Gongbei Port Guangdong respectively, travelling to Ocean Park via direct bus service. The groups arrived at Ocean Park at around noon and were greeted by the Park’s adorable mascot Whiskers.

Mr Chan from Zhuhai said, “We used to travel to Hong Kong by ferry but my kids felt seasick sometimes. We can now travel by bus to Hong Kong via HZMB, which is much more comfortable. With the wonderful attractions and family-friendly experiences that Ocean Park offers, we will definitely visit more often with the direct bus service and upcoming travel packages.”

Ms Ng from Guangdong said, “The journey to Hong Kong via HZMB was really smooth and convenient. It only took us approximately two hours to travel to Ocean Park, a great weekend leisure choice.”

In the next few days, tour groups from Guangdong, Zhuhai, Jiangmen and Zhoushan will visit Ocean Park via HZMB. Ocean Park will also partner with Kwoon Chung Bus to launch various cross-border HZMB bus routes in November. Two travel packages combining Ocean Park admission and cross-border bus tickets will go on sale on 29 October and provide guests with diversified and discounted travel options.