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Ocean Park GAME-ALL-NIGHT Challenges Thrill-seekers after Dark


Take on TV Show-like Team Games to Show off your Skills

Do you wish to play exciting games with your friends just like the celebrities do on binge-worthy reality competition shows? This November, Ocean Park invites energetic and daring contestants to participate in GAME-ALL-NIGHT, a one-of-a-kind challenge party that promises some extraordinary experiences like no other! Get ready to scream out loud, laugh hard and run around the Park with friends, as the hysterical games demand you to go all in to beat a series of adrenaline-pumping challenges for the chance to scoop some fabulous prizes.

With just a general admission ticket, SmartFun Annual Pass or the newly launched Unlimited Entry Pass, you can enjoy the Park’s attractions during the daytime and stay until late to challenge yourself with some out-of-the-ordinary missions that test your sensations, courage and even your limits at GAME-ALL-NIGHT!
The fun starts when you pick up a mission card at the GAME-ALL-NIGHT Activating Point near the Summit Station of Ocean Express and explore different checkpoints with your teammates on the Thrill Mountain. The exhilarating challenges that will get your adrenaline surge on include taking on the Park’s thrill rides, becoming a detective, dancing to music and surviving on a lava dance floor. Even better, you can test the tacit understanding of your fellow teammates by feeding each other spicy chicken wings with just one hand.
Escalating the fun, participants can take home amazing prizes including SKECHERS sports shoes redemption vouchers and cash coupons, snacks goody bags and in-Park cash vouchers as the game points add up.
GAME-ALL-NIGHT Event Details
Dates: 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15 November 2020 (Fridays to Sundays)
Time: 5pm – 9:30pm
Venue: Thrill Mountain, The Summit, Ocean Park
Fee: Covered by general admission tickets, SmartFun Annual Passes and Unlimited Entry Passes, no extra fee required
(visitors are required to make online reservations at the Park’s website prior to their visit)
Number of participants: Team of four, limited quota on a first-come, first-served basis
How to play:
  • Collect a mission card and visit different checkpoints
  • Complete each mission and get game points
  • Bring the mission card to the Park’s redemption centre before 9:30pm for validation
  • The winning teams will be awarded special prizes including SKECHERS sports shoes redemption vouchers and cash coupons, snacks, goody bags and in-Park cash vouchers
What’s on
Senses Thrill Challenge Ride on designated attractions including The Flash, Whirly Bird, Bumper Blaster, Hair Raiser and Arctic Blast to score team points. Earn extra points by completing the bonus round at each thrill ride. Requirements for the bonus round will only be revealed by the game master on the spot!

“Scavenger Snaps” Photo Hunt
Use hints from the mission card to find out where the secret checkpoints are, and take photos to show that you have uncovered their correct locations and toured every single one. To gain extra points, simply take a selfie in the pose required.
Shooter Toss Challenge The special level-up toss game booths will make it very difficult to score, but if you miss you can revive your chances with a second attempt.
Pay-A-Dance-Tion Look out for party dancers and observe them closely, as this dance show is more than what it seems to be. Only those with the right skills will find out the hidden hints to complete the mission. Check out the questions on the mission card and look for the answers as you enjoy the dance.
Lava Floor Escape! Music lovers should not miss out on the DJ Hub. Join the club as the upbeat dance music heats up the floor, dance to the beat but remember to stand on the safe zone when the line “The Floor is Lava” comes on. Only the survivors will win this challenge.

One-Handed Eat-Off
One chance and three minutes only – one team member has to feed all other teammates spicy chicken wings with just one hand. If all the chicken wings are consumed within the time limit, your team will get all the points.