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OCEAN PARK HALLOWEEN BASH 2009 DON'T MISS THIS PARTY ALERT! Hong Kong's Biggest Halloween Party Themed on Local Ghost Stories of Yore with 8 New Haunted Houses and More


(24 September 2009 - Hong Kong)  It's happening!! Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park, proclaimed Hong Kong's hottest and hippest Halloween party, Ocean Park Halloween Bash officially opened with a kickoff ceremony held tonight with a charity partner, Yan Oi Tong, featuring spirited celebrities such as Yan Oi Tong ambassador, 
Ms. Athena Chu, acclaimed horror movie directors, The Pang Brothers, popular blogger and star of the movie The Unbelievable, Master Szeto, and songstress, Ms. Elanne Kwong. Dr. Zeman invoked all these celestial spirits to spread the message, "The eagerly-anticipated talk-of-the-town Halloween event is here. So, walk the talk and book your tickets now!" 

Reincarnated as the "Chairman of Pop", Dr. Zeman moon-walked onto the Ocean Park Halloween Bash and Yan Oi Tong Creepy Crawly Charity Night, and said, "For those of us who like to try new things, Ocean Park Halloween Bash is the place to be. This year, we looked to our local roots and dug up all our ghost annals to bring to our guests childhood favourites, such as the 'Pond Lady', 'Ms. Single Braid', 'The Vampire Catcher', 'Blood Hunter', and many many more," Dr. Zeman said.

Dr. Zeman continued, "Ocean Park is Hong Kong's people's park, and it has always been our mandate to share the joys our resources can bring with the community. We are happy to work with Yan Oi Tong this year, and to become their first fundraising partner to the newly-launched Yan Oi Tong Love and Care Project, which seeks to help and support bereaved families which lost their bread-winner through accidents. Tonight, we have over 3,000 Yan Oi Tong sponsors and beneficiaries here with us, and we are so pleased our ticket donation has enabled them to raise close to HK$1 million for their new initiative."

Ocean Park Halloween Bash takes place from 25 September to 1 November, sundown to midnight, every Friday, weekend, public holiday and the night before one. There are 8 new haunted houses, 3 new scary zones, 13 new shows and activity titles with 80 daily performances, 404 lost souls, and over 30 regular iconic attractions, all waiting to push guests to their wits' end as they tread on Ocean Park grounds. "All different types of tickets are selling fast, so get yours now to encounter a mind-blowing and spine-chilling experience at Ocean Park," Dr. Zeman said.

World-famous horror film directors, Oxide Pang and Danny Pang of The Pang Brothers were at the kickoff to show off Recycle at Tai Shue Wan Plaza, a haunted attraction modelled on their hit movie of the same title. They said, "To be able to walk inside, and to feel the iconic movie scenes is totally awesome. The signature 'Haunted Elevator' is particularly horrifying, even to us."

Neighbouring Recycle is m&m's® presents: the Forbidden Mall. Legend has it that the m&m's®, which are frequent visitors of the mall, were kidnapped by a ghost! Each of the delectable m&m's® are waiting to be rescued, and it's up to the guests to find them! There is also a brain-picking quiz at the end of this shopping trip, with m&m's® as the ultimate prize!

Over at the Summit area, "flying-by-night" performers stop guests in their paths as they perform gravity-defying X-treme stunts. When the stage is clear, guests can proceed to the basement of the newly-launched Ocean Express Summit Station, which has been transformed into the haunted depot for the Purgatory Express, an award-winning project by a student team comprised of Joey Wu, Michelle Chau and Winston Li of Ocean Park's Haunted House Design Competition. The Rat Mutant Captain and Headless Jane silently lurk about the Purgatory Express waiting for passengers to present their death-pass and board the train on a one-way journey to nowhere.

Also at the Summit, Blue Girl presents: Police Station No.13 which is the black-hole where The Vampire Catcher and the Blood Hunter like to assemble. For protection, guests need to use a "bagua" mirror (?K????) to ward off lurching demons. Nearby stands The Ghastly Minshuku. Visit this alluring inn-keeper by day, a throat-cutting murderess by night. He who is lucky enough to escape will find themselves face to face with the faceless Hanako and The Cursed Kappa.

Moving down to the Waterfront, the lonely Pond Lady and Ms. Single Braid drift about the Yahoo Presents: Campus of the Living Dead. The most frightening ghost stories circulating for generations at Hong Kong's universities will come to life right before guests' eyes. Those unfortunate enough to tell the lonely women the time may end up at The Wack Collector's Occult Lab nearby, where gutsy guests will have to face the music - alone.

Out of all of Hong Kong's ghost stories, High Street Madness takes the headstone for being one of the scariest of them all. In this distorted internal world of the insane, one can't help but become as mentally twisted as its Zombie Guard and Miss Struggle.

Ocean Park Halloween Bash is offering a variety of great-value-for-money admission packages. For bigger groups, there is also the Monster Mash Party package, which entitles party-goers to unlimited entry to all the haunted attractions through a privileged queue, a Halloween dinner with a glass of house wine or special drink at Bayview Restaurant's private room, an exclusive Halloween costume set and the chance to mingle with gate-crashing ghouls.

At Whisker's Harbour, kids are desperately needed at Jack O' Town day and night! Police there must get their hands on the infamous pumpkin outlaw. Only the bravest of kids can help the police catch the candy thief by playing a series of fun interactive games!

Lastly, Dr. Zeman offers a Halloween Bash Play Hard strategy, "The 9th Ocean Park Halloween Bash will stimulate all your senses, and the earlier you purchase tickets, the easier it will be for you to choose your preferred date to visit. Also, the more friends that come, the merrier, as ghosts tend to get all worked up when they're outnumbered. Finally, no matter how much fun you're having, there's the Park's wide array of festive delights that will help store up your energy for more frights ahead."

All types of Ocean Park Halloween Bash tickets are on sale now on Ocean Park's website, www.halloweenbash.com.hk, Ocean Park's ticketing offices at the Main Entrance at Tai Shue Wan, and at 7-ELEVEN convenience store branches that are located in the MTR, and other specified stores.

* For details of Ocean Park Halloween Bash, please refer to the attached fact sheets or visit www.halloweenbash.com.hk .

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