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Ocean Park Halloween Fest 15th Anniversary Offers Immersive Experience for Guests of All Ages


Over 1 Million Treats Available at Hong Kong’s Longest Outdoor Trick-or-Treat Experience
Glamorous Mansion Presents Selfie Hotspot; Inflatable Obstacle Course Brings All-New Experience
Iconic Horror Scenes Return Scarier Than Ever

Entering its 15th anniversary of Halloween celebration, Ocean Park’s all-day-and-night Halloween Fest this year will be the largest ever, with 10 unique experiences at 8 haunted attractions to offer fright and fun to guests of all ages. The Park has introduced outdoor Halloween attractions for the first time, including Trick or Treat Pumpkin Trail, Hong Kong’s longest outdoor walk-through trick-or-treat attraction for the whole family, offering over a million pieces of candies, chocolate biscuits and souvenirs. Building on last year’s success of the transforming attractions, the Park is presenting two new transforming attractions this year. Inside Lolita Mansion (Day) / Bloodborne Mansion (Night) presented by ASUS ZenFone, cute and adorable girls will take selfies with guests, who can download the photos from ASUS facebook and have a chance to win a smartphone. After 5:30 pm, Toxic Challenge (Day) transforms into Mutant Escape (Night) where guests need to make their way through a booby-trapped inflatable obstacle course, a first for Ocean Park. Inside 15 Years of Horror presented by Modern Education, iconic scares and ghosts from yesteryears will be lurking around to terrorize guests once more.

Unceasing Flow of over One Million Pieces of Candies and Gifts
Trick-or-Treat has long been a popular traditional Halloween activity among kids and families. For the first time, the Park is introducing Trick or Treat Pumpkin Trail, Hong Kong’s longest trick-or-treat walk-through experience, offering over a million treats for guests of all ages including Chupa Chups, Mentos candies, Tim Tam chocolate biscuits, stickers, tattoo stickers and other souvenirs. Trick or Treat Pumpkin Trail is divided into four themed zones, namely Frankenstein’s Laboratory, Vampire’s Garden, Mummy’s Tomb and Jiangshi’s Alley, with each zone presenting game booths and candies carts where guests can challenge the hosts and win a bag full of candies. While the entire family can immerse themselves in the festive Halloween atmosphere, they can also take photos with a variety of fun and spooky characters against the backdrop of colourful Halloween decorations.

Eva Au Yeung, Ocean Park’s Events & Entertainment Director, said, “Making the best use of the Park’s facility, we have filled Emerald Trail’s circuitous paths with adorable characters and colourful decorations to create a safe yet adventurous and fun environment for the entire family. Kids and parents will have a lot of fun receiving ‘treats’ as they experience the light and fun ‘tricks’ along the way.”

Selfie Opportunities Galore
This year’s Halloween Fest will again feature transforming attractions. Guests of all ages can immerse themselves in the fun-filled park experience during the daytime until 5:30pm, after which the young and the brave can make their way through an eerie atmosphere featuring scary music, lighting and fog. Lolita Mansion presented by ASUS ZenFone is a transforming attraction marked by its gothic architecture featuring meticulous design touches. Joel Brett Talacko, Ocean Park Halloween Show Director, said, “Last year’s Eerie Nippon Journey¸ which offered lots of photo opportunities, was popular with guests of all ages as we saw on social media platforms tons of photos of guests and our spooky characters. This year’s Lolita Mansion is also set to be a must-visit attraction for photos. The cute and sweet girls will take selfies with guests inside the grand living room, green sunroom, gigantic walk-in closet where lots of beautiful Lolita costumes are hung, as well as the lovely princess bedroom during the day and guests can download the photos from ASUS facebook.”

On each event day, one photo will be selected as “The funniest Selfie’ every day and the winner will take home an ASUS ZenFone Selfie. In the evening, the attraction will transform into Bloodborne Mansion. As the dreamy atmosphere turns gruesome, the adorable girls reveal their devilish nature, thirsting for blood from guests to sustain their eternal youth.

Whole-new Physical Challenge for Guests in a New Obstacle Run Format
This year’s transforming attractions will also be highlighted by the brand new format of an inflatable obstacle course, offering guests different exhilarating experiences depending on whether they are visiting during daytime or at night. On their visit to Toxic Challenge in the daytime, guests can challenge their buddies by overcoming a booby-trapped inflatable course. At 5:30pm on event days, monsters will enter the attraction to transform the place into Mutant Escape, where guests have to run from the clutches of terrifying monsters and a poisonous fog.

Joel said, “We put a lot of thought into creating the obstacle course for this transforming attraction, making it appropriate for the physical abilities of kids during the day and challenging enough for teens and adults in the evening. Since this is an outdoor attraction, the change in natural lighting helps with the transformation. We complement that with special lighting and sound and smoke effects to change the overall ambience, injecting a sense of horror to pump up the difficulty of this challenge, while our performers will appear from out of nowhere and try to obstruct the guests.”

Iconic Horror Scenes Re-appear in New Level
15 Years of Horror presented by Modern Education
features various iconic scenes from haunted houses over the past 14 years. Guests will wind their way through a macabre maze leading to the centre of the attraction, where they will find a gigantic carousel from the iconic attraction Terror Park in 2010. Other iconic sets recreated from the past include: a tomb of an ancient emperor from The Tomb of Doom in 2008 with dead soldiers trying to bury the guests; Police Station No.13 from 2009 where Mr. Vampire and dead priest will return; and the grisly wedding from Chinese Wedding of the Departed in 2012.

Eva said, “Ocean Park’s Halloween celebration has become one of our major annual events since 2001, bringing unforgettable and frightening memories for local guests and overseas visitors alike. To mark the 15th anniversary of our Halloween celebration, we are presenting 15 Years of Horror, an attraction that gathers the most iconic and provocative scenes from yesteryears. The most frightening part about this attraction is that guests will have to face all kinds of horror without being able to anticipate what would come next.”

While re-creating sets from the past, the Park has also added new elements and technologies to take the experience to a higher level. “Guests are expecting more and more from us every year so we have to constantly think of new ways to impress our guests. With years of experience and ever-improving technology and craftsmanship, we have made the iconic scenes from the past 14 years even scarier by making the scenes more detailed and expressive. That means reprised theme will still present fresh scares.” Eva added.

Apart from the iconic scares, Miss Luna Midnyte and Lady Gwai Gwai, two popular characters that debuted in 2006 and 2010 respectively, will return in mysterious yet glamorous new looks to win and heart and soul of guests once again.