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Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2016 Kicks Off! Ocean Park launches Asia’s largest annual Halloween celebration, featuring all-new interactive, fun- and horror-filled attractions and shows


Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2016 officially launched today with a creepy, but sidesplitting ceremony hosted by Mr Lau Ming Wai, Deputy Chairman of Ocean Park – who was in full Ghostbusters attire. The event also featured a myriad of terrifying ghosts and ghouls that were raring to go and begin the all-out Halloween mayhem. There to help kick the Halloween fun up a notch were Asian idol Danson Tang, horror aficionados Vincent Wong and Moon Lau, as well as two of the celebrities starring in this year’s Halloween Fest TV commercial, Susan Shaw (Shaw Yin Yin) and Valentino Chun (Chun Wong), who unveiled the brand-new TV commercial.
Lau Ming Wai, Deputy Chairman of Ocean Park, said, “Ocean Park Halloween Fest has been one of the most popular annual events among the city’s young residents since its launch in 2001, and a signature Hong Kong event that consistently sets new standards in the theme-park and Halloween-entertainment industries. In response to feedback from our family guests, who wanted to experience Halloween Fest as well, we’ve been tweaking our celebration to cater to guests of all ages, from families or kids, to horror fans alike, in the past few years. This included extending the event to a full-day format, as well as launching pioneering offerings such as our transforming attractions and the city’s longest outdoor walk-through trick-or-treat trail. This strategy has proven to be very successful, with the family segment growing from year to year.”
“This year, Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2016 will offer ten all-new unique experiences at eight attractions, and ten brand-new shows. Guests looking for ghastly and horrific Halloween scares should try out 16+ presented by Neway, Club Blood presented by Blue Girl Beer, School of Shadows presented by 7-Eleven Slurpee, the first-ever Scare Zones – Yin Yang Deathway & Mortuary Lane or this year’s transforming attraction, Palace of Death presented by Huawei, which will be filled with morbid fun by night. For more light-hearted, interactive and immersive experiences, Legendary Palace presented by Huawei – which will offer loads of selfie fun during the day through augmented reality (AR) technology, Ghostbusters Live! presented by Yahoo! Hong Kong and Sugary Spook Villages will be the perfect choice. With so much to see and interact with, this is set to be our most outstanding Halloween Fest to date, and I look forward to welcoming our guests to the Park soon,” added Lau Ming Wai.
16+ – Depraved But Tempting Horrors
A truly unforgettable experience that will tantalise guests’ imaginations and tease their senses, only to fill guests with revulsion and terror moments later, 16+ is Halloween Fest’s most adventurous and depraved haunted attraction to date. In this private playground of horrors and ‘exquisite’ experiences, what you see, may not be what you expect.
Guests who enter the luxurious and magnificent private club will be treated to a sensual live show that will lower their guard. They will then don dazzling masks and a host will take them on a private tour to see this club’s many eclectic playrooms. These masks will hide guests’ expressions of horror and allow them to react to the sights and sounds in private. As their host leads them on, guests may come across a man who will be shaking in pain, his screams echoing in the chamber as drop after drop of burning wax hits his bare skin; or they may see a beautiful woman sitting in a dressing room crying, her back pierced by thousands of needle and thread, which will form a pair of torturous wings that unfold as her master pulls the threads to raise her into the air; her face contorted in pain and agony. As they reach the back rooms of this depraved club, guests will become prisoners, forced to crawl through dark, cloying passages in an attempt to escape this murderous club. During their escape, they may come across victims being dismembered, and if they’re very unlucky, a member of their party may disappear.
Legendary Palace / Palace of Death – Delightful Selfie Fun by Day, Deadly Terror by Night
A pioneering and signature offering unique to Halloween Fest, transforming attractions offer guests the best of both worlds – delightful Halloween fun by day and traumatic horror by night. This year, the Legendary Palace will let guests play in a glamourous castle featuring immaculate and elegant gardens, filled with shy elves and playful traditional spirits. Here they can snap unbelievable selfies using the Halloween Ghost Hunt App. These ethereal beings will flutter around the palace andamong the trees and bushes, and can only be seen on smartphones at specific locations, using the special AR-powered module. Then after sunset at 5:30pm in the evening, demons and goblins will come out to play as the Legendary Palace transforms into the Palace of Death. The Devil Ox King, snake spirits and spiders will come out to kidnap any mortals they see!
Scaremonies Project Deathway, A Spooky and Spectacular Stage Show Filled with Local Gags
A Halloween Fest favourite among local guests, the Scaremonies, titled Project Deathway presented by Meyer Sound this year, will be an unforgettable stage show that will offer intense dance performances, cutting-edge lighting effects and breathtaking pyrotechnics, as well as a seemingly never-ending flow of colourful and trending costumes. Performers will pull out all the stops and unleash hilarious gags that will touch upon subjects ranging from popular Olympic athletes, to new LegCo members. And to ensure that the rolling-on-the-floor-laughing fun doesn’t stop, the show’s content will keep changing to match the hottest topics in town. Suitable for adults and children alike, this is one Halloween Fest performance that guests can’t miss!
Enhanced Halloween Fest Fun with Halloween Ghost Hunt
Making its debut during Halloween Fest 2016, Halloween Ghost Hunt, a smartphone app, will further enhance and complement the offerings during the Park’s Halloween season, and will let guests win exclusive prizes. Halloween Ghost Hunt comprises three modules: Ghost Detector, Third Eye and Ghost Hunter Game. Ghost Detector is a radar-like function that ‘detects’ ghosts, as far as three metres away, and lets guests track down wandering spirits throughout the Park to ‘capture’ them with their cameras. Guests can also use the density map to see where all of the ghosts are, and better locate them. Third Eye offers AR technology to enhance the Legendary Palace experience. Guests simply activate this module, point their smartphone cameras at specific locations, and delightful spirits will materialise on their phone’s screen. Guests can snap truly unforgettable and mind-blowing selfies with these ethereal beings all Halloween season long. Of course, Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without some fun games. In-between attractions, while re-charging or savouring the many mouth-watering Halloween meals on offer, guests can play a host of Halloween-themed games via the Ghost Hunter Game while queuing to enter attractions. Guests can accumulate points via the three modules to win special prizes. These will range from in-Park coupons for F&B items; limited, priority access to designated Halloween attractions; and exclusive access to the Scaremonies show.
Guest can enjoy an even smoother and more efficient experience through the Ocean Park Hong Kong App, as they can use the App to pre-arrange visits to selected Halloween attractions, find out queue times through the e-scheduler and map the most efficient route from attraction to attraction.
For more details on Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2016, please visit http://halloween.oceanpark.com.hk.
Guests can also check out this year’s official Halloween Fest TV commercial – featuring Halloween Fest’s icon ‘ambassadors’ Law Lan, Susan Shaw (Shaw Yin Yin) and Valentino Chun (Chun Wong) – at https://youtu.be/xOpF-YLjeos. And thrill-seekers should also stay tuned for the adrenaline-pumping 360 video by Law Lan which will be launched on Ocean Park’s Facebook page on 18 September.
*Individual Halloween attractions have different opening times.