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Ocean Park Launches Halloween Feasts to Celebrate Inauguration of the Republic of Halloween Personalised Coffin Cake Offers Tasty Black Humour Limited-edition Ghastly Stationery Set a Must for Trendsetters


(6 September 2011, Hong Kong) Roaring into its 11th year, Ocean Park Halloween Bash is  welcoming the next decade of frightful fun by transforming the Park into the Republic of Halloween. To celebrate the republic’s inauguration and its culinary culture, Ocean Park has created specially designed four-course Halloween Feasts for courageous citizens to enjoy. The Halloween Feasts offer great value for money and feature delicious, macabre-looking dishes that are made with premium ingredients. Ocean Park is also introducing, for the first time ever, personalised Halloween Coffin Cakes. The cakes are decorated with greetings and can be personalised with the name of the recipient, bringing a tasty dimension to frightful festivities. In addition, Ocean Park is introducing a limited-edition stationery set – again for the very first time – with more than 10 scary stationery items, as well as other spooky merchandises that showcase the black humour for which Ocean Park Halloween Bash is renowned. The Park will issue some RH$66.6 billion in new Republic of Halloween currency notes. Guests can present the notes as coupons at select food kiosks to enjoy buy-one-get-one-free on popcorn pack (HK$55 each) and 20% discount on Blue Girl beer combo.*

Halloween Feast – Fine Cuisines at Great Prices
In celebration of the inauguration of Republic of Halloween, Ocean Park has created a number of upscale dishes, including a four-course Halloween Feast. The Feast starts with avocado salad with ox-tongue and pesto dressing, mixing different tastes and textures. The salad is followed by Cream of tomato soup with snow crab meat and black truffle, which accentuates the sweetness and slight acidity of the blood-red tomato soup. For the main course, diners can choose between braised lamb shank with mousseline potato or steamed salmon fillet with black bean sauce and deep fried onion ring. A slice of Mint Chocolate Mousse Cake with Häagen-Dazs Ice-cream brings the macabre meal to a sweet and satisfying conclusion.

Children can also enjoy a frightful feast as Ocean Park has created a special kid’s meal. The meal starts with a spinach soup rich in vitamin and iron, followed by an eye-catching squid ink spaghetti dish with meat balls and tomato sauce, along with deep fried mushrooms on the side.  Only courageous kids will be able to finish the meal as dessert comes in the form of a pair of eye balls, made with Maltesers and fresh lychees.

Vegetarians are also welcome in the Republic of Halloween as Ocean Park Halloween Bash has in store a specifically designed feast, which features fresh vegetables as appetizer, green pea soup, a giant Portobello mushroom main course and hash brown.  Together they make for a tasty and healthy meal.

Daring Halloween Coffin Cake
Every Halloween Coffin Cake takes 2 hours to make because under the thick dark chocolate “coffin” is a sponge fruit cake roll. A golden greeting is inscribed on the top of the coffin, exemplifying the black humour for which Ocean Park Halloween Bash has long been known.

To satisfy citizens in a rush to encounter the 444 ghouls and visit all 25 new haunted attractions and shows during Ocean Park Halloween Bash, Ocean Park will continue to offer guest favourites such as Coffin Hotdog and Broken chicken legs.

Halloween Theme Merchandise
To mark the inauguration of the Republic of Halloween, Ocean Park is introducing a series of stationary items themed on local ghost lore, including burning sticks pencil, Luo Pan iPad cover, paper money notepad and mini Bagua mirror keychain, and more. Limited-edition paper gift bags and Halloween Emperor stickers are expected to fly off the shelves. Devil bottle openers, safely charms, and haunted lanyards will also be highly sought after by citizens of the new republic as this year’s Ocean Park Halloween Bash-themed merchandises combine frightful fun with practical utility.

This year’s Ocean Park Halloween Bash  features 25 haunted attractions and shows, plus 444 ghouls, including Lady Gwai Gwai, a superstar in the underworld – all in celebration of the inauguration of the Republic of Halloween, starting on 23 September. There are 8 haunted attractions in the new republic: Nightmare in 3D, which features a locally-developed 3D technology; Fear Factory, a first-ever solo haunted journey through heart-pounding slides, a dizzying maze and an ultimate leap into the beyond; other attractions include Macabre Studio, Torture Chamber of the Dragon Empress, Zombie Mayhem, The Bloody Workshop, Paper Doll Paradise, and The Last Bus. When night falls, the Lagoon in Aqua City will be turned into what looks like a pool of blood and the 360° water screen will play host to the first-ever Carnival for the Damned. Kids visiting Ocean Park in the daytime during this year’s Halloween Bash period can share in the Halloween spirit at Creepy Treats for Kids, a haunted house specially created inside Whisker’s Harbour for the young and the brave. Ocean Park Halloween Bash tickets are now on sale and Ocean Park is introducing for the very first time early-bird tickets, valid during 23-25 September, at 20% discount.

* Please see attached factsheet for further information on offers redeemable with Republic of Halloween notes. Details are also available at www.halloweenbash.com.hk