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Ocean Park Lunar Lucky Fiesta Presents Delicious Feast to Bring Luck and Prosperity


Welcome the Year of the Pig with adorable McDull-themed delicacies while New Year menus at Neptune’s Restaurant feature valuable ingredients for auspicious beginnings

To welcome the Year of the Pig, the adorable McDull will be making a special appearance at Ocean Park Lunar Lucky Fiesta as the Park collaborates with the Hong Kong's iconic cartoon character. Cute and exquisite McDull-themed New Year delicacies will be served at designated Park restaurants and kiosks. Featuring lucky dishes made from fine ingredients, the reunion dinners and Chinese New Year lunch and dinner menus at Neptune's Restaurant guarantee a satisfying feast for guests in front of the splendid view of the Grand Aquarium, which symbolises abundant wealth with its grand collection of fish. Lunar Lucky Fiesta will be held from 26 January to 19 February 2019 with parkwide festive decorations for guests to welcome the fortunate New Year with family and friends!
McDull Rides on Year of the Pig with Attractive and Celebrative Dishes
Ocean Park is set to make the lovable McDull the star of the Year of the Pig by transforming him into a series of attractive, limited-time New Year dishes with auspicious meanings. At Tuxedos Restaurant, guests can enjoy the fun looking lasagna dish "McDull Jumping Happily", which uses black truffle and Alaskan crab meat, with McDull appearing by a cherry blossom tree as the Lucky Boy to bring great prosperity; the "Chun Tian Hua Hua and Kumquat" is smoked salmon with lobster and mango salad, with Goosie and friends featured as small kumquats that bring luck and prosperity; finally "Ah Fai in a Circle" is a Spanish chorizo pizza using Australian lobster, New Zealand mussels and Canadian scallops to resemble the turtle's cute, round shell and to symbolise completion.
Club Panda will be presenting the "Adorable McDull New Year Bento Box" and "Charming McDull New Year Bento Box" for a scrumptious meal, allowing guests to choose stir-fried sweet and sour shrimp or stir-fried lobster with honey bean and water chestnut as their main. Both bento boxes feature tasty shredded chicken and cucumber with sesame sauce as an appetizer, while ham is placed on top of steamed Japanese pearl rice to display McDull in his New Year look. The colourful poached vegetables and tofu lucky pocket add to the festive bento boxes, complemented by the fluffy butter cupcake with McDull and Mrs Mak on the top delivering New Year blessings. The bento boxes come with the "McDull New Year Special Drink", a strawberry milkshake that refreshes the palate with sweet flavours.
Meanwhile, Aqua City Bakery's creative desserts will satisfy Chun Tian Hua Hua Kindergarten's fans and guests with a sweet tooth. The "McDull Kumquat Mousse Cake" presents a realistic looking kumquat mousse cake with the right balance of sweetness and freshness, as well as McDull in his cute kumquat-shaped headwear to deliver his New Year greetings; symbolising fortune that comes with blooming flowers, the "Cherry Blossom Tree Matcha and Chocolate Muffin" combines the different texture of rich matcha cake crumbs on top of the chocolate muffin base, featuring McDull, Mrs Mak and a chocolate cherry blossom tree to illustrate a sweet and heart-warming picture. More McDull-themed snacks will be available at designated kiosks at Old Hong Kong for guests to enjoy on the go.
Neptune's Restaurant Celebrates Family Reunion with Luxury Ingredients
Besides feasting on the McDull-themed delicacies, reunion dinners and New Year dinners with loved ones are the must-do activities during this joyful festival. To help guests experience the happiness of a family reunion, an eight-course "Gathering Prosperity Reunion Dinner Set" will be offered at Neptune's Restaurant featuring Kumamoto pork, Australian lobster and other fine ingredients. Traditional dishes include "Conpoy and Crab Meat with Bamboo Piths in Chicken Broth" to resemble peace and health, as well as "Sous Vide Kurobuta Pork Belly in Aged Vinegar with Vegetables" to wish wealth and prosperity to guests as they bite on the tender meat.
Neptune's Restaurant will also serve its "Good Fortune Lunar Lunch Set" and "Lucky and Wealth Lunar Dinner Set" with auspicious and lavish dishes. The "Lucky and Wealth Lunar Dinner Set" features abalone, conpoy, sea cucumber and other valuable dried seafood to present nine courses, including "Braised Sea Cucumber with Abalone and Dried Seafood Soup" for abundance and prosperity, "Braised Pork Knuckle with Black Pepper" for wealth, and "Double-boiled White Fungus and Papaya with Apricot Kernels" for nourishment and a delicious, sweet beginning of the year. Enjoying the aquarium setting of Neptune's Restaurant during their feast, these Chinese New Year menus will be the top choices for families to start the New Year with a bellyful of tasty and lucky dishes. Guests will enjoy free admission to the Park from 6:30pm if they have dinner at Neptune's Restaurant*.
*Other animal exhibits, thrill rides and attractions will not be in operation.
More New Year Delicacies and Festive Attractions to Bring Good Luck
For guests who want to immerse themselves in a nostalgic New Year holiday atmosphere, they can look for traditional snacks such as Hong Kong-style milk tea, steamed milk pudding, egg puffs and prawn toast at locally-renowned eateries at Old Hong Kong. At the same time, Waterfront Plaza will transform into a Nostalgic Bazaar with an interactive LED wishing pond, a "fai chun" wishing wall, giant pig "fishing" pond and more brand-new festive attractions for guests to celebrate and wish for good luck with their family. Hong Kong's first-ever McDull-themed musical theatre show "McDull • Fishball On The Run" will also be presented at Applause Pavilion and guests can take photos with their favourite cartoon pigs at the "McDull and McMug Meet & Greet" at Old Hong Kong. Fans should not miss out on the funny and cute McDull-themed New Year merchandise for good fortune during the Year of the Pig!