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Ocean Park to Offer First-ever Novel Christmas Feast Featuring Traditional Dutch, Finnish and American Cuisines First to Hold DIY Penguin Christmas House Dessert Classes Over 50 Types of Brand-new Merchandise with Cosplay-themed Plush Toys


(Hong Kong – 29 November 2012) With the now completed HK$5.55 billion Master Redevelopment Plan (MRP) having earned Ocean Park prestigious international recognition, this year’s Ocean Park Christmas Sensation will transform the Park into one giant Christmas Cosplay Party with visiting Santas from Holland, Finland and the United States as well as other uniquely themed Santas celebrating the festive season with the visiting guests. Ocean Park will also introduce, for the first time, a Christmas feast featuring traditional Dutch, Finnish and American Christmas cuisines so that guests can immerse themselves in an authentic Western Christmas experience. Complementing the appearance of differently themed Santas, Ocean Park has designed its first-ever set of cosplay plush toys with changeable clothes, featuring adorable penguin and panda animal ambassadors paired with the costumes of Holland, Finland and the United States. The newly introduced DIY Cookie Set, packaged in recyclable material, not only presents guests with a novel gift idea, but also offers a fun activity for Christmas parties.

Mr. Joseph Leung, Executive Director of Revenue of Ocean Park said, “With guests from all over the world visiting Ocean Park to celebrate Christmas, we specifically developed dining and retail offerings themed on different cultures to offer everyone a rich Christmas ambience. We expect the new Christmas cuisines and retail merchandise to bring a 10% increase in in-park revenue during Christmas Sensation.”

Mr. Nick Lee, Senior Food and Beverage Operations Manager of Ocean Park said, “This year, we are offering Christmas cuisines from Holland, Finland and the United States, to complement our existing traditional Hong Kong and Park favourites, all prepared according to traditional recipes and using only the freshest ingredients. I am confident our guests will enjoy a truly diverse Christmas dining experience here.”

Christmas Feast Featuring Dutch, Finnish and American Cuisines and DIY Penguin Christmas House Dessert Class

Ocean Park’s brand new Christmas feast is delightfully multicultural - guests will first enjoy an appetising Holland Grilled Bacon Wrapped Asparagus with Squash Pickles, which is made in traditional Dutch style, with zucchinis, red bell peppers and yellow cucumbers, marinated with herbs, vinegar, turmeric powder, black pepper and then pickled for two days. The sweet-and-sour taste of the pickles perfectly complements the savoury flavour of the bacon-wrapped asparagus. Following the appetiser is Finland Mixed Vegetable Soup with Smoked Salmon, made with smoked salmon, pickled cucumbers, beetroots, potatoes and apples. Not only are the ingredients fresh and wholesome, the red colour of the soup adds to the festive atmosphere as well. Guests have three options for the main course:  Honey Glazed Ham with Baked Sweet Potato prepared in the traditional American method using honey and butter; Finland Stuffed Christmas Turkey, which, instead of chestnut and corn, uses different herbs and an abundance of sage for the stuffing, giving the turkey a unique flavour after roasting at a high temperature; and Finland Roast Pork Roll, which is stuffed with prune, rosemary, ginger and onion, producing a unique taste for all palates. The multi-cultural feast concludes with Holland Pastry Logs Filled with Sweet Almond Paste, which features almond paste and crushed almonds – both commonly used in Dutch cooking – wrapped in puff pastry. It is soft on the inside and flaky on the outside.  Every course of the feast is delicately presented with a touch of Christmas for maximum visual appeal.

In addition to serving great Christmas fare, Ocean Park will offer for the first time DIY Penguin Christmas House Dessert Class during December 23, 25-27, giving families an excellent opportunity to spend time making dessert together. Guests will learn how to design their own Christmas dessert in the shape of a Western-styled house using cookies, chocolate, marshmallows and frosting sugar. A professional chef will also demonstrate how to make Christmas decorations in the shape of penguins and Christmas trees using flour and cookies. Guests can take home their personal masterpieces to share with family and friends.

More than 50 New Merchandise, Cosplay-themed Plush Toys and DIY Eco-friendly Packaged  Cookies Set in Recycled Materials

Mr. Gavin Lam, Senior Retail Operations Manager of Ocean Park said, "Besides savouring festive feasts, Christmas is also the season for giving. This year, Ocean Park offers more than 50 new Christmas merchandise items, including a brand-new series of cosplay-themed plush toys. Also a first for this year is a DIY Eco-friendly Packaged Cookies Set, where guests can write or draw greetings on the packaging, made of recycled materials, for a warm and eco-friendly Christmas gift idea.”

In light of the popularity of animal ambassadors among guests, Ocean Park has created a series of cosplay-themed plush toys featuring penguins and pandas in different interchangeable clothes, including traditional costumes of Holland, Finland and the United States. Guests can purchase different outfits all at once to give their animal ambassador plush toys different looks. In addition, Ocean Park has introduced for the first time a DIY Eco-friendly Packaged Cookies Set, which comes with delicious cookies, stickers of different designs and colouring pens. Guests will be able to create unique gifts for their loved ones, with colourful and warm messages to accompany the sweet cookies. Offering guests a warm and adorable Christmas, Ocean Park has also introduced a variety of winter apparel featuring Tux, Polar Adventure’s mascot; as well as plush scarves and hand warmers themed on panda, artic fox and penguin.

There is only one place to be this Christmas season and it is Ocean Park, Hong Kong.