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Ocean Park Unveils Brand-new Animal-themed Birthday Party Packages to Celebrate a Unique Birthday with Adorable Animals New Acrobatic Show to Promote Conservation for Endangered Animals


Having celebrated countless important moments with people in Hong Kong, Ocean Park launches the all-new animal-themed birthday party packages, “Celebrate with Pandas” and “Get Closer to the Sea Lions”, for birthday boys and girls to create unforgettable memories on their special day! Apart from celebrating with giant panda and sea lion ambassadors at the Park, fun and educational elements are also sprinkled into the parties to make the occasion very special and meaningful one. Every party will be tailored for birthday boys and girls by the Park’s professional team of party planners, and decked with fun decorations, party food, as well as a special appearance by the Park’s mascots, Whiskers, Ying Ying or Le Le. Party guests can even participate in an exclusive habitat walk & talk programme to discover facts about the living habits of these animal ambassadors. Don’t forget that Hong Kong residents can enjoy free day time admission on their actual birthday, so come celebrate your birthday this year here at Ocean Park and make your birthday trip truly memorable!

“Celebrate with Pandas” Themed Party – A Real Party for Panda Enthusiasts
The “Celebrate with Pandas” themed party is sure to bring the recent talk of the town about pandas to new heights! Held at the Panda Café, a unique panda themed eatery, the birthday party will be decked with cute pandas decorations, coupled with a 3D giant panda birthday cake, special appearance by Ying Ying or Le Le, and a funny clown to host and play games with party guests to make sure everyone to immerse themselves into a world of panda fun! Birthday boys and girls, along with their party guests, can even join the “Giant Panda Adventure Habitat Walk & Talk” to discover more about where the Park’s animal trainers prepare nutritious food for giant pandas, and learn interesting facts and conservation information about these cute and cuddly animals!

Explore the Mysteries of the Ocean through the “Get Closer to Sea Lions” Themed Party
For birthday boys and girls with a passion for marine animals, make their birthday a splash with lively and playful sea lion décor by choosing the “Get Closer to the Sea Lions” themed party as they can take photos with playful sea lions, and learn more about sea lions and their characteristics from the Park’s animal trainers by participating in the “Pacific Pier Sea Lion Demonstration”. Party venue includes The Bayview Restaurant, with an awe-inspiring view of the sea and sky, or the Neptune’s Restaurant, with unobstructed view of marine life in a world-class aquarium to explore the mysteries of the Ocean.

Choose from Any 1 out of 5 Educational Tours from the “Bright Birthday” Special Activity
Apart from the “Giant Panda Adventure Habitat Walk & Talk” and “Pacific Pier Sea Lion Demonstration”, Ocean Park has added 3 other animal exploration programmes from which birthday boys and girls can also choose from, including the ”Grand Aquarium Habitat Walk & Talk”, “Sea Jelly Spectacular Habitat Walk & Talk”, and “The Rainforest Habitat Walk & Talk”, to discover fun and educational facts about the animals, their habitats and way of living, in hope to arouse the message for conservation.

Please email Ocean Park’s Banquet Department at banquet@oceanpark.com.hk, or call (852) 3923-2162, for any enquiries.

All-New Acrobatic Show ”Bamboo Jam!” Raises Awareness and Promotes Conservation
After the jolly birthday party, don’t miss the brand-new acrobatic show, “Bamboo Jam!”, which tells the story about endangered bamboo forest animals, such as the giant panda, snow leopard, tiger, red panda and golden snub-nosed monkey, through thrilling acrobatic performances and exciting stunts, to deliver the importance of protecting endangered species from extinction.