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Ocean Park Wins Gold for Outstanding Exhibit at Hong Kong Flower Show Floral birthday cake design helps capture 40 years of happy memories at the Park


Ocean Park has exhibited a specially commissioned 2.2 meter tall floral birthday cake display at the Hong Kong Flower Show 2017, featuring colourful seasonal flowers, vibrant fish decorations and photographic film elements to celebrate the Park’s 40th anniversary and to capture happy memories from the past 40 years of life at Ocean Park. The floral display has been awarded with a Gold Award for Outstanding Exhibit by the Hong Kong Flower Show 2017. This year also marks the 17th consecutive year Ocean Park has participated in the flower show and the 17th time the Park has won an award there.
The floral birthday cake is made of seasonal and local flowers in various shades of red and pink, such as local dianthus, common petunia and geranium, in order to minimize the Park’s carbon footprint during transportation; while old lamp shades, pallets and flower pots have been turned into a creative floral display. Planting soil is also reused and composting has been applied to reduce horticulture waste.
The combination of a lively floral arrangement and fish themed decorations leads visitors into a unique world that helps to remind them of the beauty of the land and the sea, and the importance of nature conservation. The exhibit also features a colossal photographic film to bring out visitors’ collective memories of Ocean Park, including photos of the maiden voyage of the Ocean Express and the launch of Old Hong Kong. Besides recalling their most cherished memories at the Park, visitors are also encouraged to add to them and help celebrate the Park’s birthday by taking plenty of photos of the display.
Mr. Todd Hougland, Ocean Park’s Executive Director for Operations and Entertainment, said, “This year is especially meaningful to us as it marks the 40th anniversary of the Park. Our talented landscaping team has created a beautiful and environmentally friendly masterpiece that demonstrates our commitment to environmental and nature conservation through its design. We are honoured to be awarded with a Gold Award for Outstanding Exhibit. Elements from the flower show display will be relocated to Ocean Park afterwards and we hope that visitors will come to the Park in the future to view this joyful celebration.”