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Ocean Park's Marine Mammal Presentation Returns to Normal Schedule of Four Sessions Per Day Starting Monday, 20 August 2012


(Hong Kong - 19 August 2012) Ocean Park's Marine Mammal presentation schedule will return to the normal schedule of four sessions per day starting Monday, 20 August 2012. Ocean Park firmly believes that animal presentations at Ocean Theatre bring guests closer to the animals and enable them to see, appreciate and develop a love for dolphins – which in turn encourages the public to become conservation advocates for the species. The presentation is tailor-made to display the animals’ natural jumping, swimming, beaching, spy hopping and playing behaviours when playing, feeding and communicating with each other in the wild. To ensure each dolphin benefits from the appropriate amount of activity and enrichment, they are rotated in groups when participating in the presentations. The animals’ physical and psychological well-being is constantly assured by the Park’s team of animal keepers, trainers, and veterinary support staff, who have dedicated their lives to taking care of these beloved animals.

Ocean Park will continue to advocate for the conservation of animals through its many animal-based presentations and the educational and conservation messages associated with each exhibit. The Park remains committed to contributing to education, conservation and research initiatives both within and outside of the Park through its education and conservation arms, the Ocean Park Academy, Hong Kong and the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong.