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Three Newborn Gentoo Penguin Babies Join Capybaras and other Animal Ambassadors at Ocean Park for Year of the Rat Celebrations


(Hong Kong, 23 January 2020) To celebrate the Year of the Rat, Ocean Park is presenting a series of festive attractions and photo opportunities themed around the lovely capybara – the world’s largest rodent, wishing everyone a wonderful year. The Park also invites the public to come visit the Park’s resident capybaras over the holidays to learn about the importance of protecting the species and their habitats. What’s more, three baby gentoo penguins have emerged from their shells this month, just in time to enjoy the festivities and receive Chinese New Year blessings from Park visitors.
The Lunar New Year countdown started at the Park’s South Pole Spectacular, where the animal team welcomed three gentoo penguin babies in January 2020 with joy and excitement – one of them being hatched on 1 January. The palm-sized babies are in good health and attentive care of their parents. Human disturbance, hunting, fishing, harvesting of aquatic resources and global warming are among the major threats to the species’ survival in their Antarctic habitat. Ocean Park invites the public to come visit the new members of the Park’s gentoo penguin family over the holidays while helping conserve the earth’s resources by reducing carbon emissions in daily life.
Meanwhile at Expedition Trail, the Park’s resident capybaras – Hotaru and Samba – were overwhelmed with joy when their carers presented them with a Chinese New Year confectionary box prepared with their favourite food. The special treat includes coin-shaped carrots and sweet potato-made gold ingot, as well as lettuces and peas. Adding to the wishes of good luck, health and prosperity was the Chinese character “福” (meaning good fortune) carved from an apple.
Besides the delicious confectionary box, the capybaras also received a new enrichment item crafted by their carers for the joyous occasion. Hotaru and Samba had so much fun playing with the fai chun installation adorned with carrot cubes, sweet potato cubes and lettuce. The fai chun was so attention-grabbing that the water-loving capybara gang took a break from their baths to explore it!
To find out more about the Park’s capybara ambassadors, visitors can sign up for the free Capy New Year Workshop from 25 January to 2 February to meet the animals up-close and take home a few DIY capybara-themed fai chuns.
Over-hunting has been the major cause of decline in some populations of capybaras. The Park encourages everyone to avoid purchasing products made of threatened species and seek sustainable alternatives. By making the right choice and using their consumer power, the public can put an end to illegal wildlife trade.
In addition, from now until 9 February, visitors can immerse themselves in an array of festive attractions for a happy-go-lucky Lunar New Year vibe around the Park. Starting with the Capybara Garden of Fortune at Waterfront Plaza, visitors can stroll through myriads of colourful lanterns, and play around with the auspicious drums and an interactive fai chun game for luck and happiness. Visitors can also make wishes for prosperity and wealth, and take selfies with the cuddly capybaras at the Capybara Prosperity Pool.
For more details, please visit www.oceanpark.com.hk.