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Thrills and Spills Galore at Ocean Park Prehistoric Summer Splash 2009!


Ocean Park is the First Choice for this Summer with Life-sized Jurassic Dinosaurs, Real Living Fossils, Japanese “Actroid” Lady Humanoid, Water Rides, Ice Age Stars, Over 60 Sizzling Summer Attractions and Much Much More...
(You gotta see it to believe it!)

(23 June 2009 – Hong Kong) Dinosaursprowling and growling, water jets spurting and shooting, guests screaming, cheering and getting all exhilarated – that’s all happening at the Ocean Park Prehistoric Summer Splash 2009, which will take place from 1 July to 31 August. At a media preview held today, “Allan the Emperor”, keeper of the dinosaur kingdom, and also known as Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park, wowed media friends with the 60 irresistible attractions and 40 shows at the Ocean Park Prehistoric Summer Splash 2009.

The attending media today were completely astounded by the most authentic dinosaurs at Ocean Park, all of which were exhibiting some of their “natural” behaviours toward the media guests. Their cousins, living fossils that are regular features at Ocean Park, such as the horseshoe crabs, sea urchins and sea stars also joined the fun. The party of Prehistoric creatures and scenes from Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs Live, and over 60 attractions and 40 shows to top it off, also totally piqued the interest of the media! Additionally, every corner of the Park has something for everyone, any time – from astounding animal encounters at the newly-launched Amazing Asian Animals and edu-taining experiences everywhere, to dare devil amusement rides and games, and sensational wet fun – Ocean Park will truly be the first choice for summer!

Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park said, “It doesn’t matter whether you’re a thrill-seeker, animal-lover, conservationist, family of five, couple in love or just a “hot body”, Ocean Park brims with real life interactivity that will pump up your adrenalin anytime and anywhere you want it! So come escape the summer heat and delve into a world like no other here at Ocean Park – it’s THE place to be this summer!”

Taking excitement to a whole new level, Ocean Park partnered with Kokoro Company Limited, a division of the Sanrio Group of Japan, to bring in more than 20 of the most life-like dinosaurs powered by high-tech electronics and robotics at the Credit Card Presents: Empire of the Dinosaurs at Tai Shue Wan Plaza. Here, the fierce and notorious Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) dominates as it’s the tallest and meanest of them all, but the Apatosaurus is a must-see too as it is the longest and heaviest dinosaur in Hong Kong! And to spice up the slew of exciting attractions, the world-renowned queen of humanoids, “Actroid Der 3”, will be making a rare appearance at Ocean Park to meet and greet adventure-seekers in three languages from 1 to 12 July.

Next, guests can plunge into a whirlwind of wet n’ wild fun at the Stone Age Water World. A “can’t miss” is the sculpture of Whiskers, Ocean Park’s chief mascot, who will be clad in a Stone Age costume for the first time ever, making it the perfect photo spot for kids and adults alike! Guests can splash their way into a water battle at the Bucket War, lose track of time in the hysterical Dino Foam Party, or revel in the Prehistoric Wet ‘n Wild Playground where bumper Stone Age cars, water-erupting volcanoes, Prehistoric “phones”, water pumps and baby dinosaur friends await!

Over at the Lowland Ha Ha Factory, scenes from Ice Age 3 Dawn of the Dinosaurs Live, the international mega summer hit movie using true 3D technology, will allow guests to relive the wonderful and thrilling adventure – as seen in the movie. Not only can they help the clumsy Scrat to escape from danger but they will also be welcome to take photos with these fantastic prehistoric Hollywood stars.

Edu-taining moments abound all over Ocean Park. At Tai Shue Wan Plaza, there’s Wonders of Ancient Times. Here, curious kids can be an adventurous archeologist for a day as they hunt and dig for massive dinosaur fossil bones, stomach finds, even dinosaur pooh, or learn mind-blowing facts about these gigantic and extinct animals through educational touch screens, interactive games and Q&A panels. There’s also Hong Kong’s first and only exhibit of horseshoe crab fossils, brought to you exclusively by Ocean Park. Meanwhile, over at Whiskers Harbour at the Lowland, kids can let their imagination soar while creating their own prehistoric-themed crafts, such as a fancy dino hat at the Junior Dino Academy.

Everywhere else, guests will be transported back to the Jurassic times as the Park will be decked out in prehistoric décor, cavemen art and even realistic dinosaur models. Guests can heighten their journey here by joining in all the sizzling madness at the Hot n’ Wild Party and Tropical Parade, or ooh and ahh at everything from dinosaur models to cavemen art!

Tempting guests also is a range of sumptuous summer dishes, including over 30 dinosaur-themed delicacies at the Bayview Restaurant, Terrace Café, Café Ocean and Panda Café. And over at the Park’s retail shops, close to 300 special dinosaur souvenir items and 3,000 Ocean Park staples will line the shelves for all guests to choose from.

Dr. Zeman concluded, “People, get your act together, the choice is so obvious! Where else in Hong Kong, except Ocean Park, can one admission ticket buy you non-stop thrills from over 60 unique animal encounters plus wet ‘n wild activities, as well as over 40 shows and performances to heat up this amazing Summer Splash of a lifetime? The Ocean Park Prehistoric Summer Splash 2009 starts on 1 July, so buy your tickets now, this minute, on our website!”

Those who can’t even wait till 1 July can whet their appetite on the newly-created Ocean Park Prehistoric Summer Splash 2009 website at http://summer.oceanpark.com.hk for more attraction details and to instantly purchase tickets online. There are also Smart Fun annual passes – unbeatable value for unlimited fun throughout the summer and the rest of the year!

To thank guests for their unwavering support to Ocean Park, guests can join a lucky draw simply by spending at least HK$20 on Hi-C tea drinks or Hi-C Local Café drinks (250mL 6-pack or 9-pack drinks) at PARKnSHOP, Wellcome or China Resources Supermarket from now till 9 July. Participants will have a chance to win Ocean Park SmartFun Annual Passes or a Breakfast with the Pandas session, or even join a behind-the-scene tour at Amazing Asian Animals! Act instantly and have the time of your lives this summer only at Ocean Park Prehistoric Summer Splash 2009!

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Credit Card Sponsor of Empire of the Dinosaurs: Manhattan Card – a division of Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited
Credit Card Sponsor of Empire of the Dinosaurs: Manhattan Card – a division of Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited