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E&M Safety Campaign

Electrical & Mechanical Carnival 2018

The E&M Carnival is one of the largest public education programmes organized by Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), and it had been held on 20 and 21 January 2018 at EMSD Headquarters. As one of the participating organizations, Ocean Park ran an exhibition and game booth introducing rides safety to the public. During the two-day event, 12,000 public members visited the carnival to enjoy the fun and educational moment. Our famous star “Whiskers” also showed up in the carnival and attracted many fans to take photo with.

    Electrical & Mechanical Safety Carnival 2014

    As a Hong Kong's unique home grown theme park, Ocean Park always actively involved in community outreach work in promoting safety awareness to the public. In December 2014, we supported the "E&M Safety Campaign" hosted by Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) again and been one of the participating organizations of the "E&M Safety Carnival".

    During the two-day outdoor Carnival, 6 and 7 December 2014 at Fa Hui Park, Ocean Park ran an attractive exhibition on rides safety tips and an educational game booth titled "How to Play Rides Safely". Our fascinating booth received great response from participants! In the prize presentation ceremony, Ocean Park was awarded the 2nd runner-up (Participating Organizations Division) of the "Online Quiz" of the E&M Safety Campaign.

    Besides, our super star "Whiskers" also joined the Carnival to meet his fans. All participants enjoyed a fun and educational weekend with us.

    Electrical & Mechanical Safety Carnival 2012

    The "E&M Safety Campaign" is the result of a collaborative effort between the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department of HKSAR and leading organizations from various trades in promoting and educating the community in electrical and mechanical safety as well as energy efficiency. Since 2007, Ocean Park has actively participated in the Campaign as one of the collaborating organizations to promote the safety awareness in riding amusement rides to the community.

    The "E&M Safety Carnival", a two-day outdoor carnival, is the highlight activity of this Campaign. In 2012, the Carnival was held at Kwai Chung Sports Ground, New Territories. In addition to a prized and interesting game booth, Ocean Park also hosted an exhibition corner to share with and educate the public about amusement rides safety tips.

    It is worth to mention that Ocean Park won three awards from the Campaign, they were the Champion of the "Lyrics Composition Competition", the First runner-up of "The Best Game Booth Design Competition" and the Second runner-up of "The Best Exhibition Booth Design Competition".