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Environment and Carbon Management Policy

  • Ocean Park recognises its corporate responsibilities towards both the environment and the community. We are committed to the dual ethos of responsible global citizenship and sustainability in order to reduce carbon emissions and therefore, address climate change. The management of Ocean Park is committed to good environmental practice and carbon care initiatives among its staff and business partners, and will seek to ensure that suppliers and contractors of Ocean Park apply the same level of commitment and concern to environmental matters and carbon care when dealing with us.
  • Ocean Park will endeavour to ensure that the management of its operations is in a manner which adheres to environmental and carbon good practices. Ocean Park is committed to 100% compliance with all regulations and statues, through maintaining rigorous management, reporting and monitoring systems. It will pursue a ‘good neighbour’ approach in relation to its immediate surroundings, and with respect to site appearance, the environmental impact and carbon emissions from its construction projects, general operations, maintenance and other related processes.
  • Ocean Park will use its knowledge-base to help promote environmental well-being and carbon caring initiatives, by interacting positively with stakeholders in local communities, industry, commerce and the public sector, and with the wider national and international communities, to address environmental and carbon care issues. Staff will be enabled through training and capacity building to drive this stakeholder engagement. We will manage the use and transport of hazardous materials, which may cause harmful effect to our environment in a manner consistent with prescribed guidelines.
  • We recognise that our business activities have direct and indirect environmental impacts, and endeavour to manage these in a responsible manner. We are committed to a programme of continuous improvement to minimise our environmental impacts, and to reduce carbon emissions by integrating these principles to management systems, upgrading relevant systems and viable installations, educating staff and suppliers, and investing in design of new projects and products. We have developed a carbon reduction plan from 2011/2012 to 2021/2022. Ultimately, Ocean Park aspires to become carbon neutral. To this end, we will assess all new activities and projects for environmental impact and carbon emissions.
  • Ocean Park provides excellent guest experience and connect people with nature through entertainment, “we aim to innovate memorable exhibits and activities that inspire people’s interest in nature, conservation and caring about carbon footprints.”
  • Our Environment and Carbon Management Steering Committee will set measurable objectives to establish, develop and maintain our environmental management and carbon reduction program. This policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure its conformity with contemporary environmental protection and carbon reduction measures.