ウォーターワールド 香港オーシャンパーク

Ocean Park Announces Inaugural Collaboration with Master Chef Chan Kwok-keung Redefining Innovative Fine-Dining Concept at Neptune’s Restaurant


Ocean Park’s popular nighttime fiesta Drink’N Music Fest 2018 presented by Prudential is being presented for the second time on 10 evenings over four consecutive weekends, including the Easter holidays, from 10 March to 2 April 2018. In conjunction with the live music and dining event, a strategic collaboration is also announced with celebrity chef K.K. Chan Kwok-keung as an integral part of Ocean Park’s plan to enrich its F&B mix with new dining experiences.

In his role as Ocean Park’s consultant chef, Chef Chan will design special menus, and share his extensive culinary experience and maestro cooking skills with Ocean Park’s F&B team. The initiative is launched with a limited-time spring menu served at Neptune’s Restaurant from 10 March until the end of June.

The collaboration debuts with a tantalising six-course contemporary Chinese fusion tasting menu curated by Chef Chan for Neptune’s that blends concepts and techniques of iconic regional cuisines across China – Chuan, Lu, Yue and Huaiyang – while also promoting sustainable seafood and high quality fine-dining ingredients.

The starter is a Four Colour Platter with refreshing Crabmeat and Avocado Salad, pairing the unctuous superfood with sweet, succulent king crab; Pan Seared Scallop with Yakiniku Sauce, using Japanese seasonings to enhance the natural oceanic umami of plump Japanese scallops; Hickory Smoked Duck Egg, incorporating complex culinary techniques of soft-boiling, marinating and smoking to create an egg with a gooey yolk and smoky aroma; and Sliced Spicy Abalone, featuring the prized shellfish in a piquant Sichuan style dressing.

The gourmet showcases of Chef Chan’s extensive knowledge of the different culinary traditions and choice ingredients of China continues with Stir-Fried Thai Tiger Prawn with Onion, Garlic and Chilli Sauce, amalgamating the flavours of Beijing in the north, Huaiyang in the east and Sichuan in the west. Thai tiger prawns are first deep-fried in oil to seal in their juicy bounce, then stir-fried with finest Sichuanese Dou Ban Jiang chilli bean paste from Pixian plus aromatic Jiuniang sweet fermented rice from Suzhou.

Double Boiled Silky Fowl Consommé with Arisaema Tubes Fungus, Morel, Bamboo Fungus and Peach Gum follows, featuring selected French morels and ‘Arisaema Tubes Fungus’ — Chinese Sarcodon mushrooms. Their earthy aromas bring out the flavours of slow-cooked broth double-boiled for over seven hours. Protein-rich peach gum, the natural sap of the peach tree, and bamboo pith, the delicate, lacy fungus that grows inside bamboo, are added for textural contrast.

For the mains, Seabass and Italian Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus on Steamed Egg White and Supreme Pumpkin Soup blends the culinary traditions of China and the West. The fish is poached in oil to retain its delicate texture and succulence. Steamed with silken smooth egg white and served on a golden puree of pumpkin, the presentation alone is a mouthwatering treat. Roasted Kagoshima BBQ Pork & Tea-Smoked French Spring Chicken prepared in Chinese Royal Kitchen Way features juicy Kagoshima pork seasoned with the chef’s secret marinade, and tender spring chicken from France is tea-smoked, infused with the smoky redolence of tea leaves.

The finale is a Dessert Platter of Chinese and European sweet dishes — Raspberry Panna Cotta, a creative new rendition of Deep-Fried Sesame Dumpling with Custard, and the traditional Manchurian sweetmeat Glutinous Rice Flour Roll with Red Bean Paste. The Raspberry Panna Cotta is enriched with Hokkaido 3.6 milk to achieve a creamy mouthfeel; while the Deep-Fried Sesame Dumpling with Custard highlights a molten custard filling to give a new twist to the classic Chinese confection, and minimalist Glutinous Rice Flour Roll demonstrates the comforting textures of sticky rice flour coupled with sweetened red bean.

Perry Chung, Executive Director of Commercial Operations of Ocean Park, said: “Ocean Park is thrilled to be working with Master Chef K.K. Chan Kwok-keung for the first time. Through this collaboration, we hope to present quality ingredients and sustainable seafood for Chef Chan to showcase his adept culinary techniques, bringing our visitors an exclusive yet memorable dining experience savouring contemporary Chinese cuisine.”

Chef K.K. Chan Kwok-keung said: “Chinese culinary culture is so varied and vast, and it has made a splash on the global stage over the recent years. I am grateful to be serving as consulting chef for Neptune’s Restaurant and showcasing Chinese cuisine to local visitors as well as international travellers. I truly believe that I can offer guests a brand new experience encompassing rich Chinese culinary culture.”

Chef Chan’s six-course tasting menu is priced HK$688 per person, plus 10% service charge, with an alternative a la carte menu also served during the promotional period. 

For an additional HK$300, an exquisite wine pairing selection has also been curated.  A specially selected dry and effervescent Taittinger Brut Reserve Champagne complements the Four Colour Platter and the Stir-Fried Thai Tiger Prawn with Onion, Garlic and Chilli Sauce; Blackbilly Sauvignon Blanc from Australia blends herbal flavours with notes of citrus and passion fruit, matching perfectly with a fish dish like the Seabass and Italian Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus on Steamed Egg White and Supreme Pumpkin Soup. Hentley Farm Caretaker, an Australian Shiraz, has aromas of blackcurrant, chocolate, tobacco and coffee pairing the stronger flavours of Roasted Kagoshima BBQ Pork and Tea-Smoked French Spring Chicken prepared in Chinese Imperial style.

Advance booking is highly recommended as Chef Chan’s menu is made to order, with limited orders of the tasting menu served daily.

Award-winning Master Chef K.K. Chan Kwok-keung has over 30 years of culinary experience, and is well-known in the food and beverage industry. An expert in the culinary styles of Huaiyang, Sichuan and Canton and Beijing, Chef Chan is also a recipient of a number of both local and international accolades, including World Association of Chinese Cuisine (WACC) “International Chinese Chef” of 2013 and Golden Horse Awards of China Hotel’s “China’s Top Ten Master Chefs of China” in 2014.

Alongside the tasting menu at Neptune’s, Ocean Park’s Drink’N Music Fest 2018 is showcasing spectacular street food stalls run by Hong Kong celebrities, such as TV artiste Edwin Siu’s BURGER B, singer Maggie Fu’s TRISTAR KITCHEN offering authentic Taiwanese beef noodles, and former singer Oscar Siu’s King of Sheng Jian serving up Shanghainese pan-fried pork buns.

Other delectable offerings include Hawaiian barbecue platters from POLOLI X BLAZED, German and Spanish fare from MANECY’S STUDIO RESTAURANT, Korean dishes from HANJAN, Mongolian snacks NOMADS, western fine dining HARLANS, French favourites from MONSIEUR CHATTÉ and ACHACHA FOOD & BEVERAGE BOUTIQUE, Chinese snacks MOO, specialty Asian desserts by SO COCO (H.K.) LTD and Japanese HLW INTERNATIONAL LIMITED.

Ocean Park is also collaborating with HEROES BEER COMPANY LTD, concocting craft beers with exclusive flavours available only at the Park, such as the limited edition “Tangerine Cream Beer”. Designed to mimic the flavour of an orange creamsicle, the beer blends tangerine and vanilla to create a refreshing beer with a subtle citrusy fragrance. This year’s Drink’N Music Fest will feature a selection of over a hundred types of beer brands from different regions of countries like Germany, Belgium and the USA, including international award winners.

For just HK$50, guests can purchase an electronic token which is fully redeemable for in-park food and beverages consumption; and enter the Park after 6:30pm to enjoy a gastronomic experience either at Neptune’s Restaurant or tour through the food stalls of Drink’N Music Fest.  It is also the perfect opportunity to enjoy the Park’s signature show Symbio!, plus an array of exhilarating street performances.  During the promotional period, Applause Pavilion will also transform into a concert venue. By purchasing concert tickets, guests can enjoy spectacular performances from their favourite local singers and bands up close.

Perry Chung, Executive Director for Commercial Operations of Ocean Park, added: “Last year, we celebrated the Park’s 40th Anniversary by launching a brand new night fiesta, which was very well-received among local visitors and guests from overseas. We are excited to stage an even larger scale event this year.”

“Drink’N Music Fest 2018 will offer a fine selection of drinks and music performances, and continue to establish Ocean Park as the hub for dining and entertainment in Island South. This year we have invited Chef Chan to create an enticing gourmet menu for us, and collaborated with craft beer brands to come up with a range of new flavours. I am sure it will bring thrilling new surprises to our guests.”

Concert ticket sales are now available on the Cityline website.  Guests can visit the Ocean Park website for more details: www.oceanpark.com.hk or call (852) 3923-2323.