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Little Geologist

29.10.2022 - 19.02.2023  

Fancy sailing off into the blue to have an adventurous trip? "Little Geologist" is for someone who is interested in ecological geology where you can go on an exploratory trip heading towards Southern District. Parents and children can get on boat tours and explore more along the coastal area, observe sea waves and how splashing waves crash on rocks. Participants can understand more about Hong Kong coastal landforms and marine conservation, as well as visiting various fundamental attractions including military landmarks and waterworks! Come and start your surprising ecological and cultural trip! 
Little Geologist
Little Geologist

Route No.1: Little Geologist - Surf in History Tour (Programme has ended on 15 Jan 2023. Thank you for your support.)

The Southern District is not only a popular destination for local tourists, but it also has a plenty of landmark attractions with rich cultural history. Participants can go on a thrilling jet boat tour, which is the only inflatable jet boat tour in Hong Kong lead by certified EcoGuide, to observe the "strange rocks" along the coast at Repulse Bay and Tai Tam Bay. During the tour, you will visit different landmark attractions, including Murray House in Stanley, the "Wordless Monument" in Tai Tam Bay and waterworks. Apart from learning about Hong Kong's military history and nautical knowledge, you can also create unforgettable memories with family and friends.

    Route No.2: Little Geologist - Life on Coast Tour (Programme has ended on 19 Feb 2023. Thank you for your support.)

    Having an irregular coastline, the Southern District is a "private canvas" of nature. If you want to appreciate this vast "landscape painting", board the "Little Geologist" now! Adults and children can take a Chinese sailing boat to have a closer look at the beauty of different rocks, including the "Godzilla Rock" in Tau Chau and the sea caves around Middle Island, and seize the chance to visit the Ocean Park Intake Station to reveal the "secrets of the pond water" in the Park. Our EcoGuide will introduce traditional fishing techniques and fishermen’s lives on the sea. The journey will not only bring treasurable memories, but also deepen the children's knowledge and interest in Hong Kong's geology and marine conservation.