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Ocean Park Christmas Sensation HOHOHO Presented by BOC Chill Card and Le Petit Prince 80th Anniversary Galactic Voyage Light up the Holiday Season


Ocean Park Christmas Sensation HOHOHO 2023 presented by BOC Chill Card is coming to town on 9 December. Get ready to be immersed in a dazzling journey through shimmering lights and captivating shadows as you explore the holiday offerings at Ocean Park, and join in the biggest 80th anniversary celebration of the beloved French classic, Le Petit Prince in Hong Kong!
Dive into Le Petit Prince’s Galactic Voyage and let your imagination soar
When you step into Ocean Park, you will be instantly whisked away on a thrilling expedition, tracing on the remarkable footsteps of Le Petit Prince through a tapestry of enchanting attractions that vividly bring his timeless story to life.

The adventure commences with the moment the prince encounters the fox at Lakeside Chill. The decorations pave the way towards Le Petit Prince’s Starry Universe at Waterfront Plaza, where the escapade takes off from B612, Le Petit Prince’s tiny home planet. You will find yourself in a dreamlike universe adorned with a vast expanse of twinkling stars and swirling, electrifying clouds that dance upon the ceiling, evoking a sense of cosmic allure, as if you are stepping into the very pages of the book and embarking on a celestial voyage alongside the intrepid Le Petit Prince.

The exploration continues when you traverse into a space with all the planets Le Petit Prince visited on his odyssey. The centrepiece of this celestial chamber is a colossal Earth, resplendent and rotating gracefully on the floor, emphasising the interconnectedness of the universe and reminding you of the profound lessons imparted by the Le Petit Prince himself.

Drill further to the odyssey then you will enter the 3.5 metre-tall giant kaleidoscope brimming with unparalleled beauty. Showcasing artistry patterns in vibrant hues and intricate swirls that shift before your eyes, it transports you to a realm where dreams and reality intertwine in a breathtaking dance. As this leg of the journey concludes, you will step into a magnificent chamber filled with an abundance of giant roses that stand as a testament to the enduring power of love and Le Petit Prince’s fateful encounter with the enigmatic rose on his home planet.

Departing the cherished memories Le Petit Prince left behind, your journey seamlessly continues at the outdoors where you will be mesmerised by the boundless wonders of giant roses again. As you venture further, don't forget to explore the fascinating Le Petit Prince Light Alley, where twinkling lights blazing with vivid, festive colours will illuminate the path above you. Take a romantic walk beneath the starlit sky with your loved one and revel in the beauty of this extraordinary Christmas gift from Le Petit Prince.

Next, get on the Ocean Express and be amazed by the awe-inspiring 5 metre-tall Le Petit Prince Star Statue at The Summit and capture your best moment with this splendid display.

To complete your Galactic Voyage, make sure not to miss the spectacular multimedia show Gala of Lights, featuring a special appearance by Le Petit Prince at Aqua City Lagoon at 7pm. Prepare to be dazzled by the display of lights, music, and storytelling as Le Petit Prince adds his enchanting touch to the performance.
Indulge in all the incredible festive offerings from Ocean Park
Expanding the horizons of your journey, plunge into a world of seasonal cheer and luminous glow of sparkling lights at the Christmas Garden of Glitz. Join the Christmas Shining Bright Party, where Santa Claus and the elves will surprise you with festive blessings. Enjoy the series of amazing performances in Jingle All The Way, featuring choirs, orchestral music and live bands, and groove along with happiness this Christmas.
Le Petit Prince special collection Christmas treats and souvenirs
Even more exciting, you can turn your adventure into a perfect gastronomic and shopping trip! Savour delicious treats from the Le Petit Prince special collection featuring the Moonlight of Ocean Park Dessert Platter and the Le Petit Prince and B612 dessert. Spread the joy of gifting and wow your loved ones with exclusive Galactic Voyage souvenirs from Ocean Park, including the adorable Le Petit Prince in distinctive blue and white striped outfit and beloved Fox shoulder plush, an embroidery badge set, and other treasures. In addition, a cute variety of Christmas plush toys await you at the game booths. These wonderful keepsakes will bring warmth and love to the holiday season and year round.
Endless delights with one single ticket and annual membership
Experience all the ultimate Christmas adventure offerings of Ocean Park, including the enchanting Le Petit Prince 80th Anniversary Galactic Voyage, with the All Day Delight Tickets available now at a special price of HK$388 for adults and HK$233 for children. BOC Cardholders can enjoy a 15% discount on All Day Delight Ticket and exclusive in-park offers throughout the promotion period.
For an encore Galactic Voyage with Le Petit Prince, simply upgrade your daytime admission ticket to an Ocean Park Annual Membership* to enjoy unlimited access to the Park throughout the year. Any new membership purchases between 8 December 2023 and 31 January 2024 will have an extra two months of membership validity as part of the Christmas & New Year Promotion*.

Additionally, the Twin Park Special Offer* allows all Ocean Park Annual Members to also have fun at Water World until 31 March 2024. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!
*Terms and conditions apply. Please visit Ocean Park and Water World’s official website for details.
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Special thanks to:
  • BOC Credit Card (International) Limited, event sponsor of Ocean Park Christmas Sensation HOHOHO 2023
  • Medialink Animation International Limited, licensing agent for Le Petit Prince