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When Art Meets Conservation: The New Sloth and Friends Studio is Now Open in Ocean Park


Get ready for a new adventure at the Sloth and Friends Studio in Ocean Park. This exciting new animal habitat features an amusing series of world-renowned masterpieces reinvented in animal faces using AI technology. Discover the importance of conservation efforts and learn about The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species established by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The Studio will give visitors a better understanding on how to reverse the extinction trend and save biodiversity.
“Ocean Park has always been committed to promoting conservation. With the new Sloth and Friends Studio, we have incorporated the concept of an art gallery, along with AI technology, to showcase the precious species listed in the Red List of Threatened Species to visitors. We hope that everyone can help reverse extinction trends and prevent wildlife losses at the appropriate time. A sustainable lifestyle would help both humans and other animals to survive into the future,” said Ivan Wong, Chief Executive of Ocean Park Corporation.  

The attraction includes a display corridor featuring AI drawings of animals like the extinct western black rhinoceros, the critically endangered blue-crowned laughingthrush, and many more. Visitors can also discover Ocean Park's commitment to conservation and the valuable work carried out by its professional animal team at the new exhibition corner. Learn about the team’s efforts in breeding, rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing local wildlife, as well as supporting investigations into cases of marine life stranding in the surrounding waters.

Discover interesting facts about Sloth and Friends at Animal Fun Talks
Along the educational journey through the gallery and exhibition corner, get ready to meet some adorable animal friends! Come face to face with the two-toed sloth family and ball pythons. Don't miss the Greet the Sloth session at 3pm, where our animal caretaker will share some exciting facts about these lovable creatures.

Wait, there’s more! Different animal friends, including macaw, kinkajou, and ball python, will also appear with their caretakers at designated time slots throughout the day*. Learn about the characteristics of these amazing creatures and discover how we can all do our part to protect their habitats in the wild.
*Animal appearances at different Animal Fun Talk sessions are subject to change.

Elevated edutaining experience with interactive technologies
Let your imagination run wild with the help of AI experience, expertly designed by Ocean Park’s talented Discovery and Education team. Use the tablet provided in the exhibit to create your imaginary world of animals and showcase your artistic skills by demonstrating different species in a unique and creative way.
Finally, visitors can meet the ancestors of the adorable sloths, the ground sloths, through their phones. Ground sloths can reach up to 3m in length, much bigger than the extant sloths. Although the ground sloth is extinct, our interactive AR experience can bring them back to life. Visitors can take Instagram-worthy selfies with the ground sloth while learning more about this extinct species.