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About Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong

Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong (OPAHK) was founded in 2004 to deliver education programmes in the diversified environment of Ocean Park. We aspire to become the ideal destination for life-wide learning where students of different ages can learn about nature and conservation in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong
Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong

Abundant Learning Resources to Connect with Nature

OPAHK provides environmental education programmes that blend well into school curricula. Our programmes offer diverse learning opportunities and encourage students to appreciate and connect with nature. Students could discover the many wonders of nature by observing closely a variety of flora and fauna in the 11 animal exhibits inside the Park, outside the Park and even outside of Hong Kong.

Embracing Educational Needs with Stakeholders’ Participation

OPAHK strives to keep abreast of education trends and the needs of academic community in designing and assessing curriculum through the Education Committee and the Teachers Working Group. Coming from diverse academic backgrounds, our passionate educators offer a broad spectrum of expertise. Through exchange programmes with zoos and aquariums around the world, our educators also acquire new ideas and professional skills.

Experiential Learning for Discovery and Inspiration

OPAHK offers education programmes on more than 30 themes which allow students to extend from their school-based learning environment to the immersive environment of Ocean Park. Incorporating experiential learning with interactive activities, our programmes empower students to discover, explore and be inspired through their observations. Through thoughtful reflection and sharing, students are also encouraged to integrate their insights into their daily lives.

Breaking the Boundary for Interdisciplinary Learning

OPAHK has specially designed a series of programmes for students regarding the "Learning to Learn 2+" The Hong Kong School Curriculum. Students are encouraged to explore their relationships with nature through activities containing STEAM elements. Students are empowered to break disciplinary boundaries, integrate knowledge and skills acquired so as to enrich their learning experiences. All these will equip students with critical thinking skills and spirit of discovery which nurture lifelong learning.

Relevant Knowledge & Concept

Our Campus

Teachers Working Group

Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong (OPAHK) shoulders the mission of education at Ocean Park. We strive to make good use of the diversified environments and facilities inside the Park to provide teachers and students with an opportunity to get close to nature and enjoy learning through activities and real-life experiences.

In order to better utilise the resources in the Park and to promote environmental education in conjunction with schools, the Teachers Working Group has been established. Since its establishment, the group has been working closely with OPAHK, providing us with professional ideas and comments on our current and future activities and teaching materials.

The members of the Teachers Working Group include current principals or teachers working at kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. Meetings, gatherings and free visits are held at Ocean Park to discuss and explore how we can make better use of the Park’s facilities and resources to match the needs of schools, to work closely together with schools in promoting environmental education and to raise the transparency of OPAHK.

    We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all Teachers Working Group members for providing us professional ideas and comments. (in no particular order)

    CCC Kei Chun Kindergarten Ms. Cheung Kwai Ying
    Che Lok Kindergarten Ms. Au Yeung Wing Yin
    Chinese Christian Workers' Fellowship Limited Choi Po Kindergarten Ms. Leung Man Wai
    HK&KKWA Wan Tsui Kindergarten Ms. Leung Oi Sim
    Hong Kong Christian Service Kwun Tong Nursery School Ms. Tang Ming Wai Patricia
    Kam Tsin Village Ho Tung Kindergarten Ms. Wong Lai Kuen
    Kin Sang Baptist Church Bradbury Pre-School Ms. Kan Yau Kuen
    POH Chan Poon Pui Ching Memorial Kindergarten/Day Nursery Ms. Lau Sze Man
    Semple Kindergarten Ms. Kwong Pui Yan
    SKH Good Shepherd Kindergarten Ms. San Man Ching
    Yan Chai Hospital Choi Pat Tai Kindergarten Ms. Yip Lai Wa
    Tai Po Baptist Kindergarten Wan Tau Tong Estate Branch Ms. Chan Lai Kuen
    Tivoli Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten Ms. Tsui Chung Yee
    Tsuen Wan St Dominic Savio Kindergarten Ms. Heung Lai Wah
    Wisely Kindergarten Ms. Luk Lai Ming
    Yuen Long Lutheran Life Kindergarten Ms. Law Chung Ying
    Aberdeen St. Peter's Catholic School Ms. Kwan Bo Wah
    Alliance Primary School, Whampoa Mr. Hung Leung Sum
    CCC Kei Chun Primary School Mr. Ng Kam Hiu
    CCC Kei Wai Primary School Ms. Cheng Ka Po Shirley
    C&MA Sun Kei Primary School Mr. Ho Yik Kiu
    C&MA Sun Kei Primary School Ms. Tang Man Lee
    Hong Kong Student Aid Society Primary School Ms. Choi Woon Kam
    Lok Sin Tong Lau Tak Primary School (IMC) Mr. Chan Koon Keung
    Kam Tsin Village Ho Tung School Ms. Lee Wai Kuen
    Sha Tin Methodist Primary School Ms. Tam Suk Wah
    SKH Kei Wing Primary School Ms. Tai Chow Ha
    Tsuen Wan Trade Association Primary School Mr. Chow Kim Ho
    Yan Chai Hospital Chiu Tsang Hok Wan Primary School Ms. Poon Po Ip
    Yaumati Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wang Road) Ms. Kwok Nga Wai
    Yaumati Catholic Primary School (Hoi Wang Road) Ms. Wong Wing Sze Joyce
    Buddhist Hung Sean Chau Memorial College Mr. Lui Kwok Hung
    Chong Gene Hang College Mr. Ng Wa Piu Henry
    Ho Dao College (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen) Ms. Leung Sze Man
    Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School Mr. Vincent Chan Wing Shun
    Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School Ms. Tong Wing Sze
    Kowloon Tong School (Secondary Section) Mr. Yeung Kar Fu
    Kwun Tong Kung Lok Government Secondary School Mr. Tse Chi Wai
    Ling Liang Church E Wun Secondary School Ms. Cheung Wai Kit
    Lok Sin Tong Wong Chung Ming Secondary School Mr. Lam Ka Chun
    MKMCF Ma Chan Duen Hey Memorial College Ms. Chan Sau Wai
    MKMCF Ma Chan Duen Hey Memorial College Mr. Yip Siu Kong
    Munsang College   Ms. Tam Sau Lai
    Po Leung Kuk Laws Foundation College Mr. Leung Wing Kin
    Po Leung Kuk Wu Chung College Ms. Tsang Yuk Ping
    Po Leung Kuk Wu Chung College Mr. Lo Wai Kit
    SKH Kei Hau Secondary School Mr. Lau Tsz Kin
    SKH Lam Kau Mow Secondary School Mr. Ng Wai Cheung
    True Light Middle School of Hong Kong Mr. Chow Wai Kit Stephen
    Yan Chai Hospital Lim Por Yen Secondary School Ms. Pang Wai Man
    Yan Chai Hospital Lim Por Yen Secondary School Ms. Lam Luen Ying
    Yan Oi Tong Chan Wong Suk Fong Memorial Secondary School Mr. Chan Chi Shing
    HK&KKWA Sun Fong Chung Kindergarten (Sui Wo Court) Ms. Fong Ka Wing
    HK&KKWA Sun Fong Chung Kindergarten (Sui Wo Court) Ms. Ng Yin Ching Sandy
    Pui Ching Primary School Ms. Pong Chun Yan
    Sau Mau Ping Catholic Primary School Mr. Hui Sai Chiu
    Sau Mau Ping Catholic Primary School Mr. Chau Tsz Chun
    Dr. Catherine F. Woo Memorial School Mr. Tang Ka Tung
    Po Leung Kuk Choi Kai Yau School Mr. Louis Wong
    G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College Dr. Christine K. Y. Yu

    Learning and Teaching Expo

    Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong has been devoted to fostering Environmental Education throughout the years. In order to promote Environmental Education as well as provide the latest updates on our education programmes, we have been associated to the Learning & Teaching Expo, presented by HKedCity, since 2009.

    Please visit the website for latest information.

    Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong
    Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong
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