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Conservation Chill Club News (Jan Edition)

The Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club has been up and running since September 2020! Youths from different age groups have joined our programme to organise and participate in conservation events for local iconic species. Let's have a recap of their efforts and learning progress so far. 
[Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Student Activity]

[Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Student Activity]

Students from 81 secondary schools have joined the "Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Student Activity" to engage in conserving the three local iconic species of Golden Birdwing, Green Turtle and Acropora Coral. In October and November 2020, students took part in a series of expert seminars and conservation workshops to understand the current situation, threats to and conservation methods for the focal species.
After the activities, students agreed that they have a more comprehensive understanding of the conservation work being done by Ocean Park. It has helped broaden their horizons and raised their interest in animal conservation. Teachers have also expressed that the Conservation Chill Club allows students to apply what they have learned and guided them to put ideas into practice. In addition, teachers were appreciative of the diversified activities provided by Ocean Park for students during the pandemic.
In the coming months, students will apply their newly-gained knowledge and start to plant fresh vegetables for green turtles, set up a butterfly garden at school by planting nectar plants, or build an Artificial Intelligence (AI) coral identification system. We here at Ocean Park are so looking forward to seeing their achievement!
[Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Marketing Contest 2021]

[Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Marketing Contest 2021]

Digital marketing is one of the most popular and effective promotion methods. Yet, only a limited few are promoting conservation through the Internet. Most nature lovers are at a loss how to draw public attention to conversation issues. In light of this, the Hong Kong Ocean Park has launched the "Conservation Chill Club Marketing Contest".
By recruiting a group of young adults with innovative ideas and passion, we hope that they can promote conservation via social platforms using their creativity. That is why we have invited YouTubers from FHProduction to shed light on how to promote conservation messages in an interesting and engaging way. We have also asked the HKFYG and SME Lab to instruct participating students in video shooting and scriptwriting skills. The participants were very excited to learn more about the latest media creation skills at the workshops.
[Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Ambassador Scheme]

[Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Ambassador Scheme]

A batch of energetic and passionate local university students from a variety of backgrounds have been recruited as Conservation Chill Club ambassadors, to spread the messages of precious local species by engaging people around them as well as Ocean Park guests.
For several weeks, ambassadors have attended a range of comprehensive training workshops. Not only have they boosted their communication abilities, they have also sharpened their skills in presentation and narration. Most of all, the ambassadors have acquired a deeper knowledge of the three local iconic species and ways of conserving them . These will help prepare them for delivering school talks and assisting students’ conservation projects in secondary schools

[Ocean Park Chill Club Conservation Photography Competition]

Dive deep into the beauty and uniqueness of the Golden Birdwing, Green Turtle and Acropora Corals. Explore their intricate connection with human beings and our society through the "Ocean Park Chill Club Conservation Photography Competition". Use the Conservation Chill Club Instagram or Facebook filter to capture the wonders of nature, promote conservation and raise awareness about environmental protection in our society.
Ocean Park is now inviting Hong Kong youths aged between 12 and 29 to participate in this competition. Submission deadline is 12 March 2021. Come and Join us! Please visit the link below for more information.