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Queue Assistance Service

What is Queue Assistance Service (QAS)?

Ocean Park is committed to enhancing our guest experience for all our guests. To facilitate guests who have difficulties to queue normally for park facilities due to physical or psychological constraints, we are introducing the Queue Assistance Service (QAS) to provide priority access at a number of our attractions.

Who is eligible for QAS?

A guest who is unable to queue up under a conventional environment due to physical or psychological constraints, would be eligible for the QAS upon provision of a valid proof/document issued by doctors, government departments or relevant organizations (e.g. special schools) revealing his/her difficulty in queuing.

For example, guests with the following disabilities (but not limited to) are entitled to QAS:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Intellectual disability
  • Mental illness

Please note that a registered disability does not necessarily imply a person’s difficulty in queuing and eligibility for QAS. In order to facilitate the application process, guests who apply for the QAS shall elaborate in the application form about the difficulties that the QAS user would encounter if he/she is being required to queue up.

How do I apply for QAS?

  1. Apply through email prior to your visit

Guest can download the application form here and send the completed form to Guest Relations at QAS@oceanpark.com.hk together with valid document which can proof his/her difficulty in queuing. The application will be processed and the status will be notified via return email.  Eligible QAS user will be given a reference number for onsite collection of Care Card at the Guest Relations on the visit day.

In order to ensure there is sufficient time to process the application, guest is required to email your application at least 7 days prior to your visit to Ocean Park.

  1. Onsite application

Guest is welcome to apply for QAS onsite at the Guest Relations Office on the visit day.Guest is required to present a valid proof/document issued by doctors, government departments or relevant organizations and fill in the application form to complete the application process. Eligible guest will be issued with a Care Card for redeeming priority access arrangement at the rides and attractions.

If you have any query on the QAS, you are welcome to contact us at (852) 3923 2323 or QAS@oceanpark.com.hk during the Park’s operating hours.

How does QAS work?

At the Guest Relations Office, the eligible guest will be issued with a Care Card. A hand stamp will also be given for the purpose of identification at our rides/attractions if required.

Each Care Card holder (along with up to 3 companions) is entitled to 10 priority accesses to rides/attractions. For each use of priority access, the Care Card shall be presented to the operator at the ride/attraction, who will mark the usage of priority access on the Care Card.  The operator will then arrange the guests to enjoy the ride/attraction in priority.

The Care Card issued by Guest Relations is valid on the date of issue only and is non-transferable or redeemable for any cash value.

Do I need to re-apply for the QAS in every visit to Ocean Park?

Each successful application is given a reference number and validity. If the eligible QAS user revisits the park, he/she can simply approach the Guest Relations and provide his/her name along with the reference number for the issuance of a new Care Card.

How many Care Cards am I entitled to?

Each eligible QAS user is entitled to receive one Care Card per day which is valid for use on the issue date only.

What happens if I lose / damage my Care Card?

Any lost or damaged Care Card would not be replaced or re-issued under any circumstances.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Guest who has difficulties in queuing up in a conventional queue environment due to physical or psychological constraints on the visit day would be entitled to the Queue Assistance Service (QAS).
  2. Eligible guest of the QAS would be given a Care Card (The Card) and a hand stamp.  The Card user is required to present the Care Card onsite for priority access arrangement at rides and attractions. The Card user may be asked to present his/her identification with photo or the hand stamp for verification.
  3. Each Card user can enjoy a maximum of 10 priority accesses per day at the rides/attractions.
  4. Upon presentation of the Card at the chosen ride/attraction, 1 check box on the Card would be checked to indicate 1 time of usage of priority access.
  5. Each Card user can enjoy priority access at the same ride/attraction for no more than 2 times and not in succession. The onsite staff will check the box on the Care Card according to the number of times the priority access is redeemed at that particular ride/attraction.
  6. The Card user together with a maximum of 3 accompanied guests can enjoy the entitled priority access at rides/attractions.
  7. The named Card user must be enjoying the ride/attraction when redeeming the priority access.
  8. The Card is date specific and is only valid on the day of visit.
  9. The Card is non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged for money.
  10. The Card and/or the companion priority access benefit may not be sold.
  11. The Card would not be re-issued under any circumstances including loss or damage.
  12. The Card would not be accepted for priority access if it is defaced or damaged, or if all 10 check boxes have been checked.
  13. Care Card is not applicable for Explorer R, Jungle of Giant, Castle of Redd, all theatre programme, Mascot Meet & Greet, souvenir shops, skill games, restaurants, food kiosks and attractions requiring separate charges. 
  14. The Card does not guarantee immediate access to rides/attractions. Our onsite staff would assist the Card user and his/her companions to access in priority.
  15. Priority access to attractions/activities that are offered as a part of a seasonal event program will be offered subject to situations.
  16. QAS only serves as an aid in queue arrangement. Eligible guest of the QAS and his/her companions must observe the Rules & Regulations of all rides & attractions as well as the instructions from onsite staff.
  17. Onsite staff reserves the right with discretion to adjust the priority access arrangement subject to operational needs.
  18. Ocean Park Hong Kong reserves the right to decide the way to implement, execute or amend the terms and conditions of the QAS from time to time subject to operational needs, as well as to refuse access if this Service is misused.