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Behind the Scenes: Unsung Heroes Keep Ocean Park’s Rides in Top Condition during Temporary Closure


Ocean Park has been temporarily closed since mid-July to align with the Government’s latest anti-pandemic measures. The Park has recently released an exhilarating online thrill ride video on its social media platforms to challenge fans’ sensation limits and invite them to experience some of Ocean Park’s most popular rides - remotely while staying safe at home.
It is a little known fact that even when Ocean Park is currently closed to visitors, the thrill rides alongside some facilities like the Cable Car are still running every day, thanks to the Park’s unsung heroes. The Park’s Rides Maintenance and Cable Car teams check and inspect these facilities every day to ensure that every tiny component of the facilities is operating in good order. The Park’s cleaning team also continues to thoroughly clean the rides on a regular basis. These are crucial for all the facilities to be kept in tip top condition, so that when the Park reopens, visitors will once again be able to enjoy themselves, feel the adrenaline rush of excitement, and have fun in a safe environment.

Although there are currently no visitors in the Park, the public can still see that the Cable Car cabins of Ocean Park are running up and down the hill from a distance. This is because the Cable Car team continuously conducts operational tests and structural checks, and regularly refurbishes and replaces old parts. These procedures are to prevent the facility’s parts from developing problems while being left dormant or unused, which can impair operations. The cleaning team also maintains cleaning work of all Cable Car cabins every day to ensure hygiene and safety.

The Park has also applied COVID-19 prevention work arrangements to protect staff by separating them into teams to prevent cross-infection. While this means that the number of staff working every day has been reduced, the Cable Car team is still going above and beyond to make sure they complete their inspections and keep the facility in top condition.

Although we can’t hear the screams of visitors at the moment, the seemingly daunting maintenance of the Park’s thrill rides, such as Hair Raiser, is still ongoing.

On a daily basis, the maintenance team scales the heights to work on a 10-metre-high platform to lubricate the ride’s parts, inspect the conditions of fasteners, measure the clearance between brakes and perform system tests. They also climb a 41-metre-high staircase to check the lift structure and mechanisms every day, and test ride onboard to listen and observe it to ensure that all parts and components are operating in their best condition. What’s more, the cleaning team keeps performing regular deep cleaning on the ride to ensure its hygiene and safety.

The Rides Maintenance team also conducts daily inspections on The Flash. This includes testing its safety systems and draining the compressor at the bottom of the ride to maintain the longevity and reliability of the ride's parts. The cleaning team also conducts thorough cleaning of the ride regularly. These inspections and cleaning work are vital and will allow visitors to immerse themselves in a fun and secure experience when the Park reopens.

Visit Ocean Park’s social media platforms to watch the exhilarating Online Roller Coaster Challenge video:
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