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cean Park Supports Earth Hour For A Brighter Future With 60 Minutes Of Darkness



 (Hong Kong - 27 March 2009)  Ocean Park will play a part in Earth Hour 2009, a world-wide campaign organised by WWF (World Wildlife Fund,) by switching off all non-essential lights for 60 minutes from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on Earth Day tomorrow.  Most lights for guest paths and areas within the Park, along with office and facility lights, will be switched off during the 60 minutes. Only lights necessary for regular overnight maintenance work will be turned on again after the occasion.

Ocean Park Chief Executive, Tom Mehrmann, said, “Making sure we will have a sustainable future is everybody’s concern, and as Hong Kong’s People’s Park, Ocean Park hopes to lead the way in being an environmentally-responsible corporate citizen.  We are pleased to support Earth Hour with 60 minutes of darkness. Not only that, but we will sustain the awareness for energy conservation, and for people to reduce, reuse, and recycle resources, among all our staff and our guests. We will engage them through their participation in Park-wide campaigns, such as using Reverse Vending Machines and supporting “No Straw Day” for guests, and programs such as “A-Box-A-Day-Keeps-The-Trash-Away” and “Clean Air Programme” for Park employees.” Mr Mehrmann also said that the Park is adopting sustainable building designs, techniques, and materials for new and renovated facilities and attractions.

To garner greater public awareness and support for Earth Hour, Ocean Park will feature Earth Hour posters and TV commercials at select Park attractions and facilities.

Ocean Park is founded on a conservation mandate to connect people with nature.  Through its charity arm, Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong, and its education department, Ocean Park Academy, the Park is engaged in over 50 projects that are geared towards animal and habitat conservation research, while over 32,000 youngsters have been inspired by conservation visions and values every year.


About Ocean Park
Ocean Park is Hong Kong’s unique homegrown theme park with a heritage of delivering family fun and fond memories. Since its opening in January 1977 as a non-profit organization, Ocean Park has developed itself to be a world-class attraction connecting people with nature, and recognized for its animal husbandry, research and relationship with the community. Over 90 million people have visited Hong Kong's premier park since its inception and Ocean Park has remained committed to offer adults and children experiences that blend entertainment with education and conservation. Part of the proceeds from the Ocean Park admission tickets and some retail items will go to Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong to support its wildlife conservation projects.

Ocean Park Supports Earth Hour For A Brighter Future With 60 Minutes Of Darkness
Ocean Park Supports Earth Hour For A Brighter Future With 60 Minutes Of Darkness