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Celebrate Hauntingly Hip Halloween with Hip Halloween Master Wyman Wong and Helena (Law Lan) as International Fashion Icon Latest Television Commercial for Ocean Park Halloween Bash Makes Glamorous Debut


(10 September 2012, Hong Kong) To build anticipation for this year’s hippest-ever Ocean Park Halloween Bash , Ocean Park has turned on the style in its television commercial, by featuring Hip Halloween Master Wyman Wong, clad in his personal collection of brand name outfits and a “Golden Ear” accessory designed by the stylist of Lady Gaga. Playing the role of an exorcist, Wyman will be seen sprinkling “sacred” perfume to drive out demons. Joining Wyman on screen is Halloween icon Helena Law (also known as Law Lan), who will appear as the lookalike of a world-famous fashion designer to help make Hauntingly Hip Halloween the most visually exciting Halloween party in town.

Unlike the past 11 years, this year’s  Ocean Park Halloween Bash  TVC has taken on a chic edge, featuring a glittering chandelier as backdrop. Clad in a gorgeous outfit sewn with golden threads and paired with a “Golden Ear” accessory, Wyman will be seen sprinkling perfume cum “holy water” on ghoulishly glamorous models to drive out evil spirits. Law Lan, on the other hand, has gone androgynous for the first time with a look inspired by an international fashion icon, sporting a slim fit black blazer, leather gloves, sunglasses and edge punk accessories.

Participating in a Ocean Park Halloween Bash  TVC for the first time, Wyman said, “As Ocean Park Halloween Bash has pioneered large-scale Halloween celebrations in Asia, I’m thrilled to be part of this signature Hong Kong event. To me, Halloween celebrations aren’t always gruesome or bloody; instead, glitter and luxury can just as easily bring out the party atmosphere. This is in fact my second time working with Helena as we appeared in the same movie some 10 years ago. Despite being in her 70s, she remains a consummate professional with much to teach the younger generation of entertainers.” In addition to the TVC, Wyman has collaborated with Ocean Park to create the “IN an EERIE Collection” of 8 freaky fashion pieces, bringing a sense of fashion to the frightful fun of Halloween Bash.

Taking part in an Ocean Park Halloween Bash  TVC for the third year running, Helena said, “Working on this latest Halloween TVC has been a truly refreshing experience. The world-famous fashion designer look alone has taken me to a new level of trendiness! The crew has not only taken great care of me, but also made the work exceptionally fun. I look forward to working with Ocean Park for many more years to come!” Helena has impressed the entire crew with her professionalism by delivering a wide variety of laughs upon the request of the director, making the filming process extremely smooth.

The TVC of Ocean Park Halloween Bash  will be aired in Hong Kong starting from 9:30p.m. tonight (10 September, Monday). The Hauntingly Hip Halloween, which features 500 chic and creepy ghouls and 23 frightfully fun experiences, including 8 haunted houses, 14 street shows and a daytime kids activity zone, will run from 21 September to 31 October.