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First Family Visited Ocean Park’s New Flagship Theme Zone Aqua City Joined Leo Ku & Gigi Leung for Breakfast with 5,000 Fish Ambassadors at Neptune’s Restaurant inside Grand Aquarium


(Hong Kong – 27 January 2011) The two-day festive celebration of the launch of Ocean Park’s most highly anticipated new flagship theme zone Aqua City, which has attracted over 200 local and overseas media and over a thousand guests, reached a most joyous moment today as members of the public entered the Park’s brand new entrance for the very first time. The first family to walk through the turnstile this morning, Ms. Bu and her family, were invited to join Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park, and pop stars Leo Ku and Gigi Leung to enjoy breakfast at Neptune’s Restaurant, with the Grand Aquarium’s 5,000 marine animal ambassadors as company. The lucky family also received complimentary Smart Fun annual passes, which allow them to visit the new world-class travel destination throughout the year as honorary citizens of Aqua City.

Ms. Bu said, “As a resident of Hong Kong, I am so proud that the city is now home to such a wonderful and beautifully designed edutainment attraction. I’ve always loved visiting the Atoll Reef since I was young; now, I am excited by the opportunity to take my own children to the Grand Aquarium to admire the beauty of marine life and learn about marine conservation.”

Dr. Zeman also invited the first 1,000 guests to visit Ocean Park this morning for a special giant group photograph in commemoration of the Grand opening of Aqua City. “We are deeply grateful to the people of Hong Kong and visitors from all over the world for their loyal support over the years, which has enabled Ocean Park to be at once Hong Kong’s People’s Park and a world class tourist attraction. It was a thrill for me to personally welcome the first family to visit Aqua City, whose opening is truly a proud moment for Ocean Park and Hong Kong. I am ecstatic that the public can finally enjoy a taste of the New Ocean Park experience envisioned in our Master Redevelopment Plan.”

Pop stars Leo Ku and Gigi Leung were also on hand to celebrate today’s opening. The former brought as gift a 5-foot-tall comic icon called “Hammer” which is part of a “Ocean Protectors” collection he personally designed based on Ocean Park’s 5 iconic marine species, while Gigi presented a giant cake themed after the Napoleon fish — also one of Ocean Park’s signature species – to highlight the importance of conserving and learning about these wonderful marine animals. Ms. Judy Chen, Chair of Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong, today appointed the two ardent fans of Ocean Park as marine conservation ambassadors, respectively. As marine conservation ambassadors, they will have in common with Ocean Park the mission of advocating for marine conservation.

As part of their maiden tour of Aqua City, the Bu family joined Leo, Gigi and Dr. Zeman for a hearty breakfast at Neptune’s Restaurant, Hong Kong’s first fine dining destination inside an aquarium, where guests can enjoy a mesmerizing panoramic view of the underwater world inside the Grand Aquarium while savoring scrumptious culinary creations newly introduced to Ocean Park. Starting today, the public will also be able to partake of gastronomic delights and appreciate wonderful views of aquatic life at the same time.

To share the joy of the birth of the New Ocean Park with the public, Ocean Park will present each of the first 100,000 guests to visit Aqua City with a limited collector’s edition Aqua City button. Dr. Zeman added, “Aqua City is Ocean Park’s gift to Hong Kong and the world for this Chinese New Year. With state-of-the-art facilities, new animal ambassadors, new presentations and retail and dining offers never available before, as well as our Lunar Lucky Fiesta event, this Chinese New Year promises to be doubly festive here at Ocean Park.”