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First Golden Snub-nosed Monkey Baby Born in Hong Kong Named “樂奇” by Public


Ocean Park is pleased to announce the result of the Golden Monkey Baby Naming Activity held across the last two months, which saw the Chinese name “樂奇” garner the highest number of votes on Facebook during the voting period from 23 - 29 June, taking up 54% of all the votes cast amongst the four names shortlisted, which are: “樂奇”, “森森”, “洋洋” and “珍寶” or “Jumbo”.
In Chinese, “樂奇” means happy and curious. The name is a combination of the names of the baby’s parents, which are: “樂樂” (Le Le) for the mother and “其其” (Qi Qi) for the father. “其” and “奇” are homophones with the latter carrying the meaning of “curious”, and well presents the baby’s inquisitive and playful character. The golden monkey family’s caretakers have named the baby “Lokie”, which is pronounced quite similar to the baby’s Chinese name chosen by the public.
Lokie was born on 17 April 2017 and is the first golden monkey baby born in Hong Kong. He is well-nursed by his mother Le Le and becoming more and more active over the last two months. Like his name, he is curious but also mischievous.  Whilst he spends much of his day exploring his home, climbing up and down the trees and rocks, he also mischievously plays with his mother and father.
Golden snub-nosed monkeys are listed as “Endangered” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, and currently there are only about 15,000 left in the wild. To help protect the species, use resources from forests wisely and choose products with Forest Stewardship Council® (FSCTM) certification to alleviate the impact of deforestation on the species’ natural habitat.