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Largest Ever Ocean Park Halloween Fest Talent Hunt to Begin at Plaza Hollywood Park on the Look Out for over 2,200 Staff to Join the Performance, Backstage and Frontline Crews


In preparation for its biggest ever Halloween Fest spectacular, Ocean Park is inviting talents to attend auditions for performers, backstage crew members and frontline staff. The talent hunt will begin on 10 June (Saturday) at Plaza Hollywood in Diamond Hill where on-site auditions and recruitment will happen, additionally there will be make-up demos and live dancing performances to keep visitors engaged on the day. During the rest of June, a number of other recruitment activities will be held at various locations around Hong Kong.
Marking the 17th year that Ocean Park has celebrated Halloween, Ocean Park is looking to recruit over 2,200 talents. This includes 1,200 performers, 400 backstage crew members and 600 frontline staff. Contract positions at the Park will start in July (a few in August) and finish in November with a minimum hourly rate of HK$53 and a maximum of HK$190 depending on the position. For those with the right skillset, a Contract Talent Manager position in the Talent Directing team can earn up to HK$47,000 per month for the successful candidate depending on their level of work experience.
Eva Au Yeung, Events & Entertainment Director of Ocean Park, said, “This year, Ocean Park is looking to hire more talents than ever before to help us deliver our largest Halloween Fest to date, with the largest number of attractions and entertainment available, and we need skilled performers and backstage crew members to execute them properly. As a result we attach great importance to our recruitment campaign and welcome people from all backgrounds and ages to join the Park’s Halloween Fest team.”

Tips to Potential Halloween Fest Talents
Ocean Park is seeking talented individuals in a number of different areas who will all need to undergo some form of assessment before they are employed. For example, for candidates hoping to be a performer, they will need to undergo an acting test which might include reading from a script or improvising a performance. Ultimately the Park values creativity, enthusiasm and team spirit above all else and this will be reflected in the recruitment process when candidates are assessed.
Eva Au Yeung added, “We look for candidates who are out-going and will enjoy their roles. For performance positions, clearly we are after people who have the ability to perform, but we also want performers who are keen on interacting with guests.”
Aside from performers, Ocean Park is also looking for backstage talents for both the wardrobe and technical teams. For example in the wardrobe team, a person hired in a Dresser/ Costume Assistant role will be responsible for taking care of costumes and props for an event, helping backstage during costume changes, and making alterations to costumes and props when needed. They are expected to have experience working in a fashion, wardrobe or apparel related industry.   
The Halloween Fest offers flexible working arrangements, as the event happens mainly on Fridays, weekends and public holidays from mid-September to 31 October, and shift work is provided, meaning that there is an opportunity for tertiary students to take up work after class. Those hired as performers will also be offered an average of over 30 hours of training to acquire the necessary skills to perform their role, so that they can interact with guests and handle different situations.
Ocean Park is also calling for talents for Food and Beverages, Retail Operations, and Rides and Attraction Operations. Each department is looking for new employees to enhance the Park’s service quality during the busy Halloween period.
For more details on the recruitment campaign and positions offered, please refer to the attached factsheet. Interested job seekers are welcome to visit the link below for details: