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Notification on The Dragon’s Temporary Suspension


(Hong Kong, 8 April 2013) At 3:25 p.m. today, The Dragon roller coaster was suspended from operation as the lift mechanism did not engage properly and stopped as designed. This caused the train to be temporarily suspended after having shortly left the boarding platform. On-site staff executed standard exiting procedures immediately, as regularly practiced and reviewed for such situations. The first passenger was safely exited at 3:34 p.m. By 4:01 p.m., all 28 passengers exited safely from the coaster to the ground. The Dragon roller coaster resumed operation at 5:35pm after corrections and appropriate testing.  EMSD was notified of the incident immediately.

The safety of all Park guests is always top priority of Ocean Park. Operation of all rides within Ocean Park comply with and go beyond all relevant regulations and guidelines required by the Government. Handled by a team of 160, all 25 mechanical rides currently in operation are inspected on a daily basis. Periodical maintenance checks are also conducted on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis to ensure the safety of the mechanical rides.

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