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Ocean Park Cable Car Rope Replacement Project


Ocean Park is carrying out an extensive three-week project to replace one of the ropes for its iconic Cable Car. Visitors may have a chance to see part of the replacement works in progress when strolling in the Park or even take a closer look as they enjoy the cable car ride on the other lane during this period.
Operating since 1977, the 1.5 kilometres long two-lane ropeway system transports visitors between the Park’s Waterfront and Summit areas, providing an excellent opportunity for visitors to take in an unhindered view of the South China Sea and some of the Park’s attractions from above. Each rope of the two-lane ropeway system will be replaced at different schedules every five years, and one of them will be replaced starting this week.
Putting safety first, our professional Cable Car team continuously monitors the cable car system via stringent operational tests, structural inspections, regular refurbishment and replacement of parts. With the rope weighing 16 tonnes and measuring 3 kilometres long, the replacement will require the use of several gigantic machines to assist the Cable Car team at various steps, including lowering the existing rope to the ground, connecting and running the new rope along the route, and connecting it to the system for further testing.
Throughout the project, the team will ensure that all requirements set by the European rope manufacturer and the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) are fully complied with. A professional Cable Car specialist from France is also be on-site at the Park to provide technical guidance and oversee the rope replacement project. The Park expects to complete the rope replacement project in late November 2021.