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Ocean Park Christmas Sensation 2009 - An Extraordinary Christmas Journey!


Turbo Snow Tubing Ride in Town, and Many More Attractions Beyond One’s Imagination

(Hong Kong – 22 November 2009) From 12 December 2009 to 3 January 2010, Ocean Park’s holiday extravaganza, Ocean Park Christmas Sensation 2009, will enchant all coming to the Park. Ocean Park will become the only place in Hong Kong this Christmas featuring the world’s largest ice skating musical production ever within a theme park.  The production is led by a team with many Oscar’s, Emmy’s, Tony’s and over 50 other accolades under their belts.

Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park said, "Ocean Park constantly brings in first-in-its-class entertainment for our guests.  Performances to the calibre of our Spellbound on Ice are generally top billing attractions found at venues in top cities like London, New York, Tokyo and Las Vegas.  Ocean Park is the world's first theme park to present such a high quality performance with a cast and supporting team that boast of Oscar's, Emmy's, Tony's, and national and international championships.  Other reasons to come to Ocean Park this Christmas include the close to 100 non-stop experiences, including over 50 Christmas offerings and our 45 perennial attractions.  Do make a date with us!”

Christmas Adventure Starts at Tai Shue Wan

One of the key attractions at Tai Shue Wan Plaza is Spellbound on Ice.  This one-of-a-kind world-class production features 20 professional ice-skaters including principle performers, U.S. National Champion Michael Chack and New England Ladies Champion Alicia Cavanaugh. The show is choreographed by Pasquale Camerlengo, who in addition to having won numerous international awards as a figure skater, is currently coach to elite ice dancers competing in many world championships.

The top-flight figure skaters will be performing an original staging set to stunning visuals combined with an amazing magic show with illusions prepared by Bill Smith.  Mr Smith was the master who developed illusions for world-renowned maestros like David Copperfield and Lance Burton.  There will also be flying-straight-at-you aerial ballet acts and other performances never before seen in Hong Kong, such as the unique and globally known Jindrich Joo and his “Human Slinky” performance. 

The fascinating performances will be weaved together by an original soundtrack specifically composed for Ocean Park by four-time Emmy and Tony award winning television and Broadway composer, Glen Roven, who once conducted and arranged the music sequence for President Bill Clinton’s Presidential Inauguration.  The fabulous costumes donned by the ice-skating stars are designed by David Svisco.  He is the chief costume designer for Cirque Du Soleil’s “Love” which is still drawing in crowds in Las Vagas.  There will be four Spellbound on Ice performances daily and the venue can accommodate up to 1,000 people per show.

Jeb Rand, the Executive Producer of Rand Enterprises & Productions, and who flew in specially from Las Vegas to oversee the production, said,  “In the States and everywhere else in the world, the audiences will be extremely happy with a few climactic surprises between the performance.  But in Hong Kong, for Ocean Park’s guests, we have had to pack in triple or quadruple the climactic punches that are good enough for a two-hour performance, into the 25-minute Spellbound on Ice!”

After the breath-taking ice-skating show, keep the adrenalin going and head next door to the Turbo Snow Tubing area.  With two independent snow slopes for different levels, both kids and adults alike can go dashing through the “snow.”  There are five 23-metre-long lanes in single tubes for those wanting an “intermediate” dare, whilst the real thrill seekers can try to maintain control at the U-shaped snow slope, which drops from a peak of five metres!

Christmas is also a season for sending greetings.  At the Laser Christmas Wishing Wall at Tai Shue Wan Plaza, guests can create personalised Christmas wishes for their loved ones in the form of laser graffiti by simply waving their laser wand.  Then they can capture, and forward, their laser greetings for posterity on camera.  Additionally, those who like to impress friends, family and lovers should seek out the award-winning masters of illusion at the Magic Academy nearby, and take home a trick or two.

The Extravaganza Continues at the Waterfront

Meanwhile, at the Waterfront area, jolly old Saint Nicholas himself will be ho-ho-ho-ing at Ha Ha Factory’s Santa Illusion Adventure.  No matter whether guests have been bad or good, naughty or nice, all are welcome at the Mirror Maze, Reflection Zone and Spinning Tunnel and challenge themselves to try and maneuver through mind-boggling illusions!

Guest must make a stop at the Glittering Christmas Garden at the Waterfront Ocean Express Plaza, which will be adorned with a lush forest of more than 50 scintillating Christmas trees, the tallest of which towers at over 12 metres! Every night throughout the entire event, there will be a tree lighting ceremony, when Christmas carols performed by 1,000 children from 20 different school choirs in town will fill the plaza with a festive allure. 

Children will be able to wind down with a bit of creativity at the Illusion Art Workshop located at Whiskers Harbour.  There, they can take delight in a variety of illusion-related activities and make reindeer origami for themselves, as well as for friends and family!

Parkwide, iconic mascots, such as Whiskers, Swift, and Chief, will be in their Christmas attire.  They will be roaming the Park and stopping for pictures with guests. To top it off, guests can have a hearty Christmas feast at the Park complete with a sumptuous selection of festive favourites, such as Yule log, roasted turkey and special Christmas drink concoctions. Finally at the end of a fun-filled day, guests may visit the specialty retail shops located around the Park for any of the over 100 brand-spanking new Christmas mementos.

Dr. Allan Zeman said “Ocean Park Christmas Sensation 2009 is definitely an extraordinary kind of Christmas. My advice is to spare at least one day this Christmas to come out to Ocean Park. You will be rewarded.”

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