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Ocean Park Draws in Visitors with Chill Out Nighttime Lakeside Dining Experience Enjoy a relaxing alfresco dining at Ocean Park with free park admission on Friday and Saturday nights


Ocean Park today announced the launch of its nighttime lakeside dining experience – Chill Out, from 13 April to 29 June 2018, during which guests can enjoy free park admission* on Friday and Saturday nights after 6:30pm to savour a range of exceptional food and beverage options with fabulous performance by a 5-person band and renowned DJs alongside the Aqua City Lagoon. Not-to-be-missed offers include Japanese draft beer for HK$20 a pint only (a maximum of two orders per person), refreshing sake-based cocktails and a Jumbo Yakitori Platter with an unbeatable price (HK$268), which are the best items to enjoy with friends and family together on a chilling night.
During the Friday and Saturday nights, Ocean Park’s Lakeside Chill will be transformed into a fun-filled gourmet and wine heaven with a myriad of delectable gourmet stalls presenting cuisines from all over the world including Yaki, Chick N Chill, Tapas Bar, O So Sweet and Lakeside Chill Bar, set to offer guests a gastronomical experience around the globe.
Perry Chung, Executive Director, Commercial Operations of Ocean Park, said, “Ocean Park’s Drink’N Music Fest in March has been a huge hit amongst local and foreign guests. Therefore, we would like to extend our nighttime dining experience, making Ocean Park a new destination for both dining and entertainment in the Southside of Hong Kong Island. Other than savouring specialty food and wine options, guests can also enjoy the spectacular Symbio! fireworks and water screen show, as well as other electrifying live music performances for an unforgettable night in Ocean Park.”
Ocean Park has created a new menu of Japanese yakitori skewers specifically for this event. Diners can check out Yaki, where they can find the Jumbo Yakitori Platter with an unbeatable price (HK$268), mouthwatering Grilled Australian Wagyu Beef with Leek and Grilled Hokkaido Pork Belly, as well as Grilled Sustainable Sea Whelks, Abalones and Japanese Jumbo Scallops which are tantalising and equally importantly, environmentally friendly. More refreshing options such as Grilled Portobello Mushrooms and Japanese Sweet Potato will also be served.
As one can tell from the name, Chick N Chill is best known for its addictive snacks made of chicken, including the brand new Ferris Wheel Combo, an intriguing presentation of snacks such as fried chicken wings with salted egg yolk sauce, fried fish fillet, deep fried pork knuckle with cheese, sweet potato fries and prawn paste on sugarcane, all served on top of a Ferris wheel.
Don’t forget to try the famous Crispy Pork Knuckle and Nachos with Cheese when visiting Tapas Bar. The stall also offers flavourful pastas including Orecchiette with Wild Mushroom in Cream Cheese Sauce and Penne with Shrimp in Puttanesca Sauce. Those with a sweet tooth should definitely head to O So Sweet for their popular Waffle Sticks with Ice Cream.
A night cannot be called complete if the amazing food isn’t accompanied by music and wine. On top of beer, red and white wines, spirits and classic cocktails, Lakeside Chill Bar will also be serving sake-based cocktail concoctions, a perfect complement to Yaki’s yakitori skewers. The cocktails are thoughtfully crafted by Jay Khan, who is an esteemed mixologist with over 10 years of experience in the F&B industry. Among other accolades, he was voted the top 10 bartender of the Bar Awards Hong Kong in 2016.
Highlighted cocktails include Strawberry Shrub Highball, a light concoction inspired by Japanese whiskey soda, with sake added to uplift the refreshing taste, and Blackberry & Sage Mojito, a cool and delightful minty choice for summer evenings which substitutes rum with shochu. Guests who prefer a stronger drink can opt for Fish House Punch, a cocktail based on aged rum and cognac, accented with fruit hints from peach syrup and lemon juice. Non-alcoholic mocktails are also provided to keep everyone happy and in good sips, such as Tea & Raspberry Cooler, a chill summer drinks with raspberries and earl grey tea.
What comes with delectable food and exquisite wine and cocktails is a series of intoxicating music and entertainment performances. A list of renowned performers will be heating up the night with exciting beats. Performers include DJ Cyrus, a veteran local musician who has also been actively involved in various big-scale music events; DJ Ashy, the very first female winner of the Hong Kong Pioneer DJ Quest who won the champion in 2014; and DJ Mistrezz C, who grew up in the UK and is now a resident DJ in a celebrated local bar, with extensive footprints in nightclubs and bars across Asia. A five-person band will be invited to perform and bring the atmosphere to a climax, where lead singer Ernestine Ho will perform well-known local and foreign songs with her melodious voice.
In addition to the fabulous music programmes, the fire-and-water extravaganza “Symbio!” at the Aqua City Lagoon is also a must-watch show. The 360° water screen show is special effects-laden with water cannons, flame jets and live music, creating a visually stunning spectacle. Guests can enjoy a variety of fine wines and delicacies, while enjoying a night of sensational performances. Guests can also delight in the popular drinking game Beer Pong and the Giant Jenga, adding excitement and laughter with friends to the evening of food and wine.
Contrasting to Lakeside Chill’s relaxing atmosphere, Neptune’s Restaurant inside Ocean Park’s Grand Aquarium offers a more refined and luxurious experience, as celebrity master chef K.K. Chan has introduced a brand new spring tasting menu and a selection of delicate a la carte items for gourmands to savour. Combining concepts and techniques from Sichuan, Shandong, Guangdong and Jiangsu, the menu features items including Stir-Fried Thai Tiger Prawn with Onion, Garlic and Chilli Sauce, Double Boiled Silky Fowl Consommé with Arisaema Tubes Fungus, Morel, Bamboo Fungus and Peach Gum, as well as Seabass and Italian Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus on Steamed Egg White and Supreme Pumpkin Soup, which are perfect for fans of exquisite and creative Chinese cuisine. During the event period, the restaurant also provides special offers such as free parking and waiving corkage fee. For bookings of 20 people or above, free welcome drinks are served and the wine pairing option of the tasting menu will be available at half price.
*Free admission from 6:30pm to 11:00pm on Friday and Saturday nights. Only Lakeside Chill, Neptune’s Restaurant, Aqua Bakery and Waterfront Gifts will be opened.  Other animal exhibits, thrill rides and attractions will not be included. Parking fee is HK$50 for each private vehicle from 6:00pm to 11:00pm.  Guests will enjoy free parking if they have dinner at Neptune’s Restaurant.