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Ocean Park Gives Second Life to Trees Toppled during Super Typhoon Mangkhut as Part of an Ecological Garden which Promotes Environmental Awareness


Park Wins Grand Award for Outstanding Exhibit at Hong Kong Flower Show

Ocean Park has ingeniously transformed trees that were destroyed by Super Typhoon Mangkhut into a garden display at the "Hong Kong Flower Show 2019", to help educate the public about environmental protection concepts such as waste reduction and recycling. The garden display prominently uses this year’s theme flower, Chinese hibiscus, to help create a fantasy garden display with the presence of the Park’s adorable mascots, Whiskers & Friends, and animal ambassadors, who will inspire guests to explore replicas of different animal habitats. The strong efforts and creativity of the Ocean Park Landscaping team who built the display were fully recognised when it won the "Grand Award for Outstanding Exhibit" at the flower show.
Timothy Ng, Executive Director, Operations and Entertainment, Ocean Park, said, “Seeing how last year's Super Typhoon Mangkhut destroyed a huge number of trees, the Park’s Landscaping team decided not to discard the broken wood, but collected it instead and turned it into part of this wonderful display to give the trees a second life. Other than presenting a colourful garden to guests at the flower show, we aim to raise public awareness about environmental protection and nurture the younger generation to explore nature and learn about environmental science.”
Exuberant Chinese hibiscuses and other flowers will bloom throughout the garden, while topiaries and statues of the Park’s mascot Whiskers, giant pandas, red pandas, and golden monkeys will additionally bring a sense of joy to the garden display. Formed with Chinese hibiscuses, Spiraea thunbergii, Foeniculum vulgare, Guzmania cv, Tagetes lemmonii and Cleome spinosa, the display resembles the habitats of giant pandas and red pandas, allowing guests to learn about biodiversity.
The broken trees have also been turned into sturdy owls, delicate cabins, and mini staircases by the skilled Ocean Park Landscaping team, creating a perfect photo opportunity for guests as well as promoting the importance of environment conservation.