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Ocean Park Backs Earth Hour for Climate


(Hong Kong - 27 March 2010) Today, Ocean Park once again join hands with over 1,100 companies and buildings in Hong Kong to participate in Earth Hour 2010, a world-wide campaign organised by World Wildlife Fund to raise public awareness of global warming and to promote a low-carbon lifestyle. Between 8:30 – 9:30 p.m. tonight, Ocean Park will switch off all non-essential lights for 60 minutes.  Most lights for guest paths, other areas within the Park, construction sites, offices and other facilities will be switched off during this period.

Ocean Park Chief Executive, Tom Mehrmann, said, “Through this simple yet meaningful action, we hope to deliver an important message to our visitors and the public that Ocean Park, Hong Kong People’s Park, is committed to promoting conservation and will be an environmentally-responsible corporate citizen.  In fact, Ocean Park’s conservation efforts extend beyond this 60-minute lights-off exercise and are sustained throughout the year through our daily Park operations. For example, we have been working dedicatedly with expert consultants from Carbon Care Asia Limited to develop the Park’s carbon footprint management program through site audit & analysis, strategy workshops, and top management interviews. Through this approach, we aim to appropriately manage our Park’s carbon emissions and ultimately set an industrial benchmark in carbon management. In addition, we engage our staff and guests to participate in Park-wide campaigns such as “No Straw Day” and “Clean Air Program” and external initiatives including “International Coastal Cleanup” and “World Ocean Day”. Our signage and recycle bins programs throughout our Park also encourage our guests to reduce, reuse and recycle resources.”

To garner greater public awareness and support for Earth Hour 2010, Ocean Park will promote the event in all theatre shows and education programs conducted today. Earth Hour posters, video clips and LED messages will be featured at select Park attractions and facilities, while leaflets and reminder emails will also be distributed to guests and staff to encourage participation.

Ocean Park is founded on a conservation mandate to connect people with nature.  Through its charity arm, Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong, the Park is engaged in over 160 projects valuing over 16 million dollars geared towards animal and habitat conservation research. Meanwhile, the Park’s education department, Ocean Park Academy, has inspired over 38,000 youngsters with conservation visions and values every year.

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Ocean Park mascot Whiskers in support of Earth Hour 2010
Ocean Park mascot Whiskers in support of Earth Hour 2010