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Ocean Park Supports Earth Hour


Ocean Park supports Earth Hour for the 6th consecutive year, a world-wide campaign organised by WWF (World Wildlife Fund), by switching off all lights not for safety and emergency purpose for 60 minutes from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on Earth Day tonight. Most of the lighting in guest areas and attractions within the Park, along with office and back-of-house facility lighting, will be switched off during the 60 minutes.

Ocean Park’s Chief Executive, Mr. Tom Mehrmann, said, “Making sure we will have a sustainable future is of everybody’s concern, and as Hong Kong People’s Park, Ocean Park hopes to lead the way in being an environmentally-responsible corporate citizen, and drive the community to make efforts in environmental protection. We are pleased to support Earth Hour by having 60 minutes of darkness. Apart from taking part in the campaign, we also promote messages about energy conservation and encourage our staff and guests to reduce, reuse and recycle resources.”

In addition to our existing recycling programmes for paper, metals, plastics, cooking oil, rechargeable batteries, computers and mooncake boxes, we started collecting used Park maps from exiting guests. In 2012/13, we collected 154,157kg of paper, 652kg of metals and 12,633kg of plastic bottles. The Park has also collected close to 100,000kg of food waste which is then transported to an independent company for converting into fish feed. Mr. Tom Mehrmann added that the Park is also adopting sustainable building designs, techniques, and materials when developing new and renovating facilities and attractions.

To garner greater public awareness and support towards Earth Hour, Ocean Park will feature Earth Hour posters and TV commercials at selected in-park attractions and facilities, and will also promote the Earth Hour initiative on the Park’s Facebook page, website, shows and tip board today.