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Ocean Park Halloween Bash Creatively Adapts Cutting-edge Technology for Frightful fun 5D Haunted House, Integration of Interactive Projection with Kinetic Game, and Eye-tracking


(13 September 2012 – Hong Kong) As a pioneer and trendsetter in large-scale Halloween celebrations in Asia, Ocean Park has continued to set industry standards in creativity by introducing entirely new haunted houses, shows and characters every year. This year, the Park has extended its creativity to the innovative use of cutting-edge technology by presenting the most hi-tech driven haunted attractions in the history of Ocean Park Halloween Bash . Among the many “world firsts” in this year’s event are: 5D Journey to the Underworld – the world’s first 5D haunted house combining locally developed CAVE 0.5 3D projection technology, scents and interaction with ghosts and ghouls; Terror of the Tombs – the world’s first haunted attraction featuring both interactive projection technology and a kinetic game; and Eagle-eye Exorcist – the world’s first interactive Halloween-themed game incorporating eye-tracking technology normally only used in medical equipment. The Park will also launch brand new smartphone applications to help guests make the best of their Halloween Bash experience.

Ms. Eva Au Yeung, Events & Entertainment Director of Ocean Park said, “As one of the world’s leading theme parks, we always look for innovative ways to enhance guest experience. Riding on the growing popularity of new media technologies, we have creatively incorporated such technologies in a number of haunted attractions in this year’s Ocean Park Halloween Bash  to deliver unprecedented visual, olfactory and real-life interactive experiences, making this year’s event the trendiest in both content and format.”

This is the second year for Ocean Park to apply the locally developed CAVE 0.5 (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) projection technology to haunting effect. Professor Jeffrey Shaw, Dean of the School of Creative Media and Chair Professor of Media Art, City University of Hong Kong, who helped to develop the 3D projection system, said, “It is our pleasure to work with Hong Kong People’s Park again to showcase the limitless potential of CAVE 0.5. This year’s presentation integrates a virtual environment with physical space, scents and interaction with ghosts and ghouls, to create the world’s first 5D haunted house. It is the perfect combination of local innovation and creativity. Also, the specially designed 3D glasses do not require batteries to operate, making them lighter and more comfortable.”

5D Journey to the Underworld takes guests on a journey through 18 levels of the world beyond. Two CAVE 0.5 projection systems simultaneously project 3D images by two 3D projectors on two giant projection screens on the wall and on the floor, immersing guests in virtual imageries even as they move through the physical space within the attraction. To enhance the frightful experience, Ocean Park has incorporated burnt and rotten smells, and unleashed ghosts and ghouls to interact with guests along the hi-tech haunted journey.

While interactive projection technology and kinetic games are commonly found throughout the world, Ocean Park is the first theme park to combine the two for a Halloween experience. Mr. Jacky Chan, Technical Manager of Ocean Park, said, “Terror of the Tombs is the world’s first haunted attraction combining interactive projection technology and a kinetic game. Guests are split up into two teams. One team is assigned to look for magic stones on multi-touch tables and throw them in a specific direction, which will cause images of magic stones to appear on the wall. The other team is then tasked with arranging the magic stones to obtain a totem required for entering the tomb. Once inside, guests will need to overcome different kinetic game challenges in order to escape. The attraction ingenuously combines different cutting-edge technologies to achieve exhilarating effects.”

To offer guests a literally eye-catching experience, Ocean Park will present Eagle-eye Exorcist, an interactive game featuring eye-tracking technology to be located beside the Ocean Express Waterfront Station. Mr. Jacky Chan continues, “The eye-tracking technology, usually found only in medical equipment, detects minute movements of the iris. Ocean Park is the first to adapt this technology for a Halloween-themed game, which involves guests using their eyeballs to issue commands for ghosts busting. This interactive game offers our guests hi-tech frightful fun even outside of our many haunted houses.”

Catering to the ever-growing group of smartphones users, Ocean Park is launching in end September its first park-wide smartphone application supporting both iOS and Android systems. Ms. Vivian Lee, Marketing Director of Ocean Park, said, “Offering extra convenience to smartphone users, the app enables guests to obtain the latest queuing time for different haunted attractions, as well as information on all attractions, maps, push-to-dial tourist enquiry hotline, in-park restaurant reservations and a guest questionnaire.” The app will continue to be updated with more information, including queuing time for all Park attractions, QR codes to let our guests learn more about our animal ambassadors, e-coupons as well as GPS route guides.

The adaptation of cutting-edge technology is one way in which Ocean Park fulfils its commitment to presenting fresh experiences of frightful fun every year. Priced at the same level as last year, this year’s Hauntingly Hip Halloween features 23 haunted attractions, including 8 haunted houses, 14 shows and a daytime kids zone – promising a most unforgettable experience for all Halloween fans!