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Ocean Park Halloween Bash Insider Tips


(27 September 2012, Hong Kong) Thousands of hip and trendy people are being attracted by the Ocean Park Halloween Bash  every year. This year, “hipsters” of the city are invited to brave their way through 23 frightfully fun experiences, including 8 haunted houses, 14 street shows, 1 daytime kids’ activity zone, as well as 500 chic & creepy ghosts during 23 event nights from 21 September to 31 October. To enjoy all frightfully fun experiences in one night, you can follow some of the below  Ocean Park Halloween Bash  Insider Tips for the hip:

Ocean Parek Halloween Bash Insider Tips
During each night of the Halloween Bash, the first 2,000 visitors would be awarded with a “Bonus Fast Pass”. To activate their “Bonus Express Pass”, visitors must earn a stamp by presenting their Express pass at the Summit’s “Escape from Mystery Mountain” or “Ghostly Legends of Hong Kong” before 6:30pm. With an activated “Bonus Express  Pass”, visitors can enjoy a one-time privilege entry to the Waterfront’s “5D Journey to the Underworld” or “Silver Screams”.

Ocean Park Haunted Experience Tips
1. Be on time! Be sure to enter the Park early at 5:00pm, and head straight up to the Summit via Ocean Express and join the “Creepy Dance Party” to begin your creepily thrilling adventures. Remember to save some screams for the ghosts and ghouls lurking nearby!

2. At 5:00pm, the Summit’s four haunted houses – “Magician’s Lair”, “Escape from Mystery Mountain”, “Ghostly Legends of Hong Kong”, and “Eternal Darkness” – will be ready and waiting with loads of scares for you!

3. After challenging the Summit, continue your creepily thrilling adventures by braving the rest of the haunted attractions at the Waterfront. Trek through the “5D Journey to the Underworld”, “Chinese Wedding of the Departed”, “Silver Screams”, and “Terror of the Tombs” before wrapping up the night partying with the show that’s all the rage, “Rock Out
Live 2012”!

4. There are 14 creative and new shows at night to be seen and you should allow time to view them.

5. Five new rides have been added in the last year to the Summit and should form a part of your night experiences, while moving from area to area.

6. There are over hundreds monsters and ghouls on the street to entertain you and for special photo moments, so ensure you take a few memories home with you.

7. Take time to eat a meal, or grab a snack along the way to keep your energy high and your voice strong for the screams.

8. Do not forget to check out the souvenirs and games for some of the latest Halloween merchandise, which cannot be found anywhere else in the City.

The abovementioned insider tips will help you with your Halloween Bash experience. Here’s to wishing all of you a magnificent and unforgettable Ocean Park Halloween Bash night!