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Ocean Park Halloween Fest Calling for Parkour and Stunt Performers to join the Scream Team


Ocean Park is on the hunt for more than 2,000 recruits to join its Scream Team for its anchor Ocean Park Halloween Fest. This includes 1,000 Haunted House Performers, Specialists, Parkour/ Sliders and Stunt Performers, whose mysterious presence will surprise guests in the scariest and most unexpected ways ever.
Embracing the tagline “The Making of Ghosts”, this year’s Ocean Park Halloween Fest is calling for all front-stage and back-stage talents to join the Scream Team. Candidates hoping to be Haunted House Performers and Dancers will need to undergo assessment such as script reading or improvisation, and possibly also a physical fitness test.  Ocean Park will recruit an army of Specialists, Parkour/ Sliders and Stunt Performers. Applicants with experience in performing stunts, extreme sports, roller skating and skateboarding will be assigned to perform at different locations.  Hired performers will receive professional performance training, and learn tricks to impress the audience and practical skills to handle emergency situations.
Apart from performers, Ocean Park is also looking for 400 backstage staff and 600 frontline service officers. Some key roles include Production Coordinators and Event Assistants. The former role needs to ensure the haunted attractions and events run smoothly, while the latter one will be assisting performers during shows and help ensure their safety. Ocean Park is also looking for Make-up Artists, Props Masters and Technicians. Candidates must have expertise and relevant experience for their chosen position, and should ideally possess good communication skills and be familiar with Ocean Park’s portfolio of seasonal events.
Timothy Ng, Executive Director of Operations and Entertainment, said, “Ocean Park Halloween Fest is one of the key annual festivals in the Park.  Every year a lot of ‘sophisticated ghosts’ return, and we are also eager for new blood in the team – we welcome candidates from all ages and backgrounds.  In order to recruit more outstanding talents, on average there has been a 3-5% increase in the hourly rate up to HK$200.”
Auditions will be held throughout June and July. Contract positions start in early August and go until November, with a minimum hourly rate of HK$58 and a maximum of HK$200, in some instances a 3-5% increase on last year.  Performers can also earn as high as HK$156 per hour with a salary performance bonus of up to 20% of the total sum awarded to outstanding performers. Candidates who have exceptional performance during Halloween Fest may also get a chance to become permanent staff at Ocean Park and continue to unleash their talents around the year.

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