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Ocean Park Hokkaido Fest Presents Seasonal Delicacies With Freshest Ingredients Delivered Straight from Japan


Ocean Park is launching Hokkaido Fest which goes from 23 March until 14 April, presenting a sumptuous array of seasonal gourmet food using ingredients flown in from Hokkaido. Guests will be able to enjoy over 70 selected snacks, drinks, dairy products and exclusive Sakura desserts at designated Park outlets. Alongside the finest food and drinks, guests must not miss out on the splendid “Beat the Taiko” performances only available during that period.
Select Ingredients from Hokkaido Brings Ultimate Indulgence
A sophisticated Hokkaido Fest 4-course Set Menu will be available at Tuxedos Restaurant. Start off with Roasted Hokkaido Half Shell Scallop with Cold Somen Noodle to refresh your taste buds, with the fresh scallops accompanied by silky and chewy somen noodle made with Hokkaido wheat flour. Your journey through Japan will be followed by Baron Potato Cream Soup with Black Garlic. Baron potato, a regional specialty of Hokkaido, embraces a natural milk aroma, while black garlic will add a special twist to the dish. The main dish Grilled Hokkaido KAMIKOMI Pork Loin with Mashed Black Edamame will use Hokkaido’s famous KAMIKOMI pork, an exceptional pig species famous for its balanced fat and muscle tissue – only 2 or 3 pigs in a hundred qualified to this standard. The tender and juicy pork loin and smooth bean paste will certainly satisfy guests’ taste buds. Leave your taste buds zinging for the rest of the day with the exquisite Hokkaido 3.6 Milk Pudding with Hasukappu Jam. The rich 3.6 milk creates a soft and smooth texture, deliciously paired with the sweet and sour jam made with Hasukappu from Hokkaido.
Limited-time Offer Hokkaido Snacks and Exclusive Mon Cher Sakura Desserts
In addition to the special menu, guests will also find a variety of limited-time only delicacies at designated Park restaurants and kiosks. Club Panda will offer Hokkaido Tokachi Gyoza with Bamboo Charcoal U-Don in Soup and Hokkaido Cutlet Double-cut KAMIKOMI Pork Loin with Bamboo Charcoal U-Don in Soup. Both the juicy gyoza and the tender pork loin crispy on the outside are good matches with the silky smooth and bouncy U-Don. The kiosks at Lakeside Chill will also present various Japanese gourmet foods. The Tapas Bar will offer Grilled Hokkaido Tokachi Pork Gyoza in different flavors and Hokkaido Cutlet Double-cut KAMIKOMI Pork Loin. Guests can enjoy two different famous Hokkaido potato dishes at Chick n’ Chill including Hokkaido Deep Fried Inca Potato and Hokkaido Baron Potato Croquette, as well as various Japanese barbecue food at Yaki. For guests who have a sweet tooth, make sure to save space for desserts offered at O So Sweet and Aqua City Bakery, such as Hokkaido Daifuku Mochi with Hokkaido Melon, Fuji Apple, and Hanjuku Cheese as filling, and the rich flavor of Hokkaido Melty Bake Cheese Cake. Another highlight is the desserts from popular Japanese brand Mon Cher. Apart from the classic mini-roll set and double cheese cake, they are also presenting exclusive Sakura desserts including Mon Cher Hokkaido Milk Pudding with Sakura Mousse and Mon Cher Sakura Cream Roll Cake.
“Beat the Taiko” and Hokkaido Snacks Help Indulge Guests in Japanese Culture
During the event period, there will be three lively “Beat the Taiko” performances during weekends at Aqua City. The Park has also launched a series of famous Hokkaido snacks, including dairy products and drinks for guests. Guests can enjoy a 30% discount on Ocean Park admission tickets by showing a YATA receipt upon purchase (for a maximum of 4 tickets each time) while YATA-Fans App members can also enjoy exclusive privileges at designated F&B and retail outlets in Ocean Park.