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Ocean Park Invites Public to Witness the Crowning of “Summer Dance Jam” Champions Leading local dancer Sukirabbit will be one of the Final Judges


Ocean Park will be presenting the final of its street dance competition “Summer Dance Jam” this weekend. The competition’s initial stages were held during this year’s Summer Carnimal. The last “individual battle” and “team battle” will take place on the evening of September 1 at 8:45pm at the Applause Pavilion, and additionally three teams made up of 20 street dance elites from Brazil and the Philippines will participate in a special street dance competition to get the crowd going. One of Hong Kong’s most eminent street dancers, Sukirabbit, who made it into the top nine and was crowned the “Crowd Favourite” award in a street dance competition in the United States, will be one of the judges for the final. Street dance-lovers can enjoy free entry to the Park from 8:30pm onwards to show support for the finalists and admire Sukirabbit’s charismatic performance to enjoy the hot summer!
Sukirabbit said, “Hip hop and Reggae Dancehall, a passionate dance that originated from Jamaica, are some of the dance styles I’m most familiar with and they coincidentally sync with the theme of Ocean Park's Summer Carnimal this year!  I am honoured to become one of the judges for the final of Ocean Park’s ‘Summer Dance Jam’ – I look forward to exchanging ideas with the professional dancers at the final and hope to promote local street dance culture with this great opportunity.”

Kaya, winner of the preliminary round of “Summer Dance Jam individual battle”, shared her feelings, “It was my first time to dance at Ocean Park’s lakeside area. The enthusiastic response from the audience completely blew my mind and they gave me great support. I will give my best for the final and I hope to share my love for street dancing with even more people this time.”

ADUB, the winning team in the preliminary round of the “team battle” said, “We are grateful for Ocean Park’s support to local dancers. They have provided a platform for us to exchange ideas and learn from each other, as well as help promote street dance culture to the public.”
Ocean Park is holding the street dance competition “Summer Dance Jam” for the first time this year, and invited dancers who have undergone street dance training to showcase their dancing skills in the Park. The competition aims to promote street dance culture, show support for local dancers and provide a platform for them to closely interact with the public. It features “individual battle” and “team battle” categories. Besides receiving a cash prize of HK$5,000, winners from the four preliminary rounds are participating in the final on September 1; the champions in the final will be awarded a cash prize of HK$8,000.