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Ocean Park Launches Conservation Carnival Featuring New Eco Trail with Hong Kong’s Most Extraordinary Butterfly Garden


Appreciate creativity from Hong Kong’s young conservationists!

Today sees the first day of the Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Carnival featuring an array of artistic creations from secondary school students who have drawn their inspiration from three local wildlife species of high conservation values – the Acropora coral, green turtle and golden birdwing butterfly. 
The Park also unveils its Eco Trail, one of Hong Kong's largest urban outdoor butterfly gardens which houses more than 110 butterfly species.
“In line with our commitment to strengthening the Park's conservation and education efforts both inside and outside of the Park, we introduced the Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club last year to invite Hong Kong's young people to help conserve three important local wildlife species. Kudos to our young conservationists, they have joined hands to put together the content-rich Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Carnival and will be on-site to share their creative ideas with the public,” said Ysanne Chan, Chief Executive of Ocean Park. “We are also proud to open our Eco Trail for visitors’ enjoyment, which we hope will help further instil their appreciation for nature and biodiversity.”

Hong Kong's most spectacular urban butterfly garden
A verdant garden filled with sunlight, the trills of birdsong, flowers in bloom, and butterflies with bright colours and beautiful movements, the Eco Trail at Ocean Park is a picturesque path hidden underneath the cable cars. Boasting a fascinating mix of plants and wildlife, the attraction is home to some 110 butterfly species, including the golden birdwing and other precious species.
Visitors will get to know fun facts about butterfly species, their features, life cycle, host plants, nectar plants, feeding habits, camouflage and disguise, and more.  

Conservation ideas from campus to Ocean Park  
Youth participants of the Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club have been thinking outside the box to help protect and promote Acropora corals, green turtles and golden birdwing butterflies.
  • Adorable cartoon characters of the three species, developed by students for the Animal Ambassador Character Design Competition, will be showcased at the carnival while winning entries are turned into stunning cable car wraps. Each cartoon has a special story to tell and will explain the threats affecting the survival of these three species.
  • Game booths run by student ambassadors enable visitors to learn fun facts about nature while they test their skills for the opportunity to take home some souvenirs for green living.
  • A photo exhibition, themed around the beauty of animals in their natural habitats, will showcase entries from the Conservation Photography Competition. Plus, winning designs of the WhatsApp Sticker Design Competition will be available for download and sharing. 
  • Last but not least, art pieces from the Green Art Jamming session put the characteristics of the three featured species in spotlight.  
Limited edition treats and souvenirs
A carnival would not be complete without party food. Check out the golden birdwing strawberry mousse cake, the colourful Acropora corals chocolate mousse cake, and the green turtle pistachio cupcake created especially for the occasion.

In addition, you can be featured in a new personalised storybook about an adventure together with Whiskers & Friends to save the three local species. Also, souvenirs designed by students will be available for purchase at the Ocean Park OPX souvenir store.
The Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Carnival runs for a limited period from today till 11 April 2021.