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Ocean Park Launches New Gourmet Thai Restaurant “Ginger Grill”


Relish the quintessence of fire and ginger

To provide more special and creative dining experiences, Ocean Park launches a brand new Thai restaurant Ginger Grill at Aqua City, featuring authentic Thai cuisine, along with a series of charcoal grilled and ginger culinary delights. Diners can not only appreciate the exquisite cooking skills of the chefs as they prepare their grilled choices at the open style grilling station, but also indulge their gourmet journey in the nature ambience brought by the elegant interior embellishment.  
Taste of Authentic Thai Cuisine
The delicacies at Ginger Grill are created based on the traditional culture of Northern Thailand village, delivering the ultimate in gourmet enjoyment and indulgence. Selection of Thai favourites includes the Thai Style Roasted Sunflower Chicken. The sunflower chicken is first seasoned with special spices for one day. It is then soaked in broth and dried for another day before roasting. The roasted chicken is crispy on the outside and tender in the inside. When served, waiters will light the lemongrass stick, pandan leaf and green pepper stuffed inside the chicken, releasing the scents of the spices and generating the best snap opportunities. The Traditional Tom Yum Goong is made with pig bone broth, boiled with special spices including galangal, chili and lemongrass. The sour and spicy flavours start diffusing from the tip of your tongue, followed by the freshness of seafood, bringing a full and rich taste sensation. The chefs also recommend their Thai Style Boat Noodle which is limited to 150 servings per day. The noodle includes various pork ingredients such as pork belly and pork balls while pork bones are cooked in master stock for two days to form a rich broth. The noodle is finally served with crispy fried pig skin to elevate the taste.  
“Ginger” Yourself Up
The wide variety of Thai dipping sauces at Ginger Grill is freshly homemade. The sauces can enhance the flavour of the dishes and stimulate guests’ appetite. Diners can mix and match the sauces with different dishes to maximise their culinary enjoyment. Two specially made ginger sauces are Ginger with Salt Sauce and Ginger Spicy Sauce with Mayo and Mint. The fusion of ginger and other spices creates unique flavours, which lifts the enjoyment to another level. 

Be sure to leave room for distinctive ginger desserts and beverages too! Honey with Ginger Crème Brûlée with its turmeric and honey-infused custard makes it the signature dessert at Ginger Grill. For drinks, try The Warmest Sunset – a healthy mocktail with ginger, grapefruit and carrot collaboratively concocted with Hong Kong Dietitians Association, which goes perfectly with grilled and spicy dishes. The signature cocktail Ginger Moment combines Bourbon, ginger, turmeric, soda and syrup, with a touch of sugar and a slice of grilled lemon to give you a refreshing taste.
Extraordinary Charcoal Grill Experience
Ginger Grill offers signature charcoal grilled dishes. With a grilling station located at the centre of the restaurant in an open style kitchen, diners can appreciate the cooking skills of the chefs as they prepare their grilled choices right in front of their eyes. The restaurant features Bincho charcoal, which burns at 900 °C. Compared with using ordinary charcoals, the far infrared rays emitted can force out excess oils of food and keep the juices, making the food juicy and crispy. Instead of ordinary oil brushes, the chefs use handmade lemongrass sticks to add spices to the food, adding extra herbal scents to the dishes. Recommended grilled dishes include U.S. Prime Ribeye Bone-in, which is rich, juicy and chewy.
Perry Chung, Executive Director, Commercial Operations of Ocean Park, said, “Ocean Park strives to enhance the dining facilities recently, and the opening of the brand new concept restaurant Ginger Grill proves our determination in bringing unique Thai dining experience to guests. It further strengthens the position of Ocean Park as a night-time dining hub at the Southside of Hong Kong. Ginger Grill is one of the innovative projects of Ocean Park’s dining development. We will continue to develop diverse dining offerings hence bringing memorable experience to our guests.”
Ginger Grill offers 135 indoor and outdoor seats. With wooden colour furniture, hand-painted ginger flowers on the wall, a chic wall with green plants and natural sunlight through the floor-to-ceiling curtain wall, the restaurant allows guests to relax in a nature ambience. Friends can also chill out at the bar counter.
Diners who enjoy dinner at Ginger Grill will be entitled to free admission after 6:30pm and free parking for 4 hours# (Other animal exhibits, thrill rides, attractions and souvenir shops will not be in operation).