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Ocean Park Launches New Programmes for Children and Families to Befriend Nature at Hong Kong’s Southside


This summer, come make friends with nature at Ocean Park and Hong Kong’s Southside! The Park is launching an array of extraordinary experiences for children and their families to get closer to Hong Kong’s unique land and seascapes while diving into the nuances of local culture, learning life skills and having fun with magic on the stage.
Take a fresh look at the Southern District
To start with, the Nature in Panoramas – Above and Below the Southside Waters programme invites families with children aged six and above to uncover the charm of the Southern District from a new angle.
Participants will have a chance to tour the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelters by sampan, visit a traditional fisherman's houseboat to learn about their life on the water, and immerse in the natural beauty of Southern District’s secret garden at the Aberdeen Country Park, where they will get to know the local wildlife.
After the exciting outdoor activities, participants will head back to The Grand Aquarium of Ocean Park and enjoy the nocturnal tranquillity of the underwater world with thousands of fish.  

Explore Lamma Island
Children aged eight and above, together with their parents, can also enrol in the all-new We Wild Adventure Day Camp that takes them to Lamma Island for further exploration on the south side of town.
Led by the popular Ocean Park Whiskers Village team, this one-day eco-tour held at the YMCA Lamma Island Outdoor Centre kicks off with the famous ‘We Wa Dance’ that forges a kind of inexhaustible energy. Children will learn how to construct a raft from raw materials, start a fire with a bow drill, and make use of the compass and map to find treasures in the wild while observing the flora and fauna of Lamma Island.
Experience the magic of nature  
Another new programme, Own Your Stage at the Ocean Park Whiskers Village, empowers children aged five to eight to become more expressive and confident as they explore the world of magic and master some amazing tricks with reusable items from nature and their everyday life.
This four-session programme features two Zoom sessions and two in-park activity days. Participants will show off their new skills and fascinate their parents and other audiences at the finale performance.
Become adventurous and amazed by nature
The popular Sea Land Expedition Seasonal Adventure Series is back, calling for children aged four to 11 to turn into architects, journalists, archaeologists and other roles to discover the mysteries of nature from different perspectives. Participants will learn about various animal habitats, behaviours and body features through up-close observation.

Exciting games will allow the children to take on new challenges through teamwork, sharpen their senses, and train their scientific thinking skills. This summer, English sessions will also be available and children can enjoy a self-guided experience with their parents at the Explorer R Experience Hub.
Visit Ocean Park’s official website oceanpark.com.hk now for programme schedules and further information!