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Ocean Park Launches the Selective Placement Trainee Programme to Unleash the Potential of Persons with Disabilities and Foster Social Integration


To promote social inclusion of persons with disabilities, and as part of the Park’s corporate social responsibility, Ocean Park continues to launch the “Ocean Park Selective Placement Trainee Programme” for the 2nd consecutive year to recruit 15 persons with disabilities to take-part in a 9-month training and internship programme. Through this programme, trainees will equip themselves with vocational skills and knowledge necessary for integrating into society, and those with outstanding performance may be given the opportunity to work under long term employment in the Park.

The “Ocean Park Selective Placement Trainee Programme” was first introduced in 2013 to give people with disabilities the opportunity to unleash their potential, enhance their self-reliance, foster social integration, and to be given equal opportunities when seeking employment. After undergoing on-the-job training in different departments, and having one-on-one mentorship from their supervisors, 5 of the 12 trainees recruited last year were given  long term employment contracts by the Park.

Chan Yap Fai, Jacky, one of the employed trainees from last year’s programme, is currently part of the Park’s ticketing team, primarily responsible for assisting visitors through the entry turnstiles and data entry. Although being equipped with a post-secondary qualification, Jacky faced great difficulty when seeking employment because of his impaired hearing and vision. “Ever since I graduated from IVE 3 years ago, I only interned at the Hong Kong Society for the Blind for 6 months, but during the years, I sent over 1,000 cover letters, and only had 30 interviews, all of which turned me down”, said Jacky. However, he found light at the end of the tunnel after joining the “Ocean Park Selective Placement Trainee Programme”. Jacky continues, “Joining the programme broadened my horizon. I was able to meet a range of people, my supervisors gave me a lot of freedom and guidance which helped me settled into the working environment, and increased my confidence.” Jacky hopes he can gain more valuable work experience by continuing to work in the ticketing team.

This year’s “Ocean Park Selective Placement Trainee Programme” will offer 15 vacancies in both frontline and logistical positions, including Guest Relations, Ticketing, Rides and Attraction Operations, Food and Beverage, Education, Ropeway, Retail, and Logistics and Product Control. During the programme, trainees will be employed on a part-time basis, and will undergo an orientation and induction course, like existing Ocean Park staff, to learn about the Park’s history and culture before commencing training. A mentor will also be assigned to each trainee, to offer guidance over the course of the programme. Trainees will be given salary over the course of the programme, and those with outstanding performance may be given the opportunity to work under long term employment in the Park.

Mr. Brian Ho, Executive Director of Human Resources, said, “Ocean Park currently employs a total of 50 employees with disabilities, which accounts for 2.4% of the total number of staff at the Park. Despite some physical limitations, their performance is in no way different to that of other staff, and in some cases, more outstanding because of their perseverance and dedication towards their job. We hope these training opportunities will help enhance the working ability of persons with disabilities, and help facilitate their participation in open employment and social integration.

As an equal opportunity employer, Ocean Park has always performed equal treatment for persons with disability, and has provided reasonable accommodation to enable them to work in the Park. The Park’s efforts in encouraging social integration for persons with disability not only brought the award of the “Caring Company Logo”from the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for the 10th consecutive year, but also, the award of the “Talent-Wise Employment Charter and Inclusive Organisations Recognition Scheme - Reporting Mechanism, Assessment Criteria and Inclusive Organisation Logo” this year by the Labour and Welfare Bureau, in collaboration with the Rehabilitation Advisory Committee, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and the Hong Kong Joint Council for People with Disabilities. 
Application for the “Ocean Park Selective Placement Trainee Programme” will open from now until 29 August, for more details, please visit Ocean Park’s careers website: http://careers.oceanpark.com.hk/static/OP_Overview.html, or call the Human Resources Department on 3923-2851.