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Ocean Park Launches Thrill Mountain for an Adrenalin-filled Christmas Sensation Latest Area under Redevelopment Plan Offers 6 Heart-pounding Rides and much more for Heart-warming Holiday Season


(8 December 2011, Hong Kong) Ocean Park today launched its highly anticipated Thrill Mountain, an expansive zone of mechanical ride that takes heart-pounding entertainment to new heights, offering guests a panorama that stretches from a verdant hilltop to the vast South China Sea. Themed on a colourful carnival, Thrill Mountain has injected extra adrenalin and festive atmosphere for this year’s Christmas Sensation presentation. The launch added five new attractions to what was already Hong Kong’s largest collection of rides, bolstering Ocean Park’s status as a landmark of theme park entertainment, now with 27 rides catering to guests of different ages. Starting tomorrow, the public can experience all the different rides at Thrill Mountain, including the city’s first and only floorless roller coaster, which travels at up to 88 kilometres an hour – the fastest among roller coasters in Hong Kong.

Mr. Gregory So Kam-leung, JP, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, and Mr. Philip Yung, Hong Kong’s Commissioner of Tourism, joined Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park, as officiating guests at today’s launch. Also on hand to experience Hong Kong’s newest thrill rides were several public officials, including Legislative Council members Paul Tse, Fred Li and Gary Chan, and District Councillor-elect Pamela Peck; as well as local celebrities MC Jin, Mag Lam, Sheldon Lo and Hubert Wu.

Dr. Zeman said, “Thrill Mountain is an integral part of the New Ocean Park experience envisioned in our HK$5.5 billion Master Redevelopment Plan (MRP). It is also Ocean Park’s Christmas present for thrill-seekers around the world. Guests not only get to enjoy Hong Kong’s fastest roller coaster ride, but also do so at the highest elevation in town in a theme park area dedicated to mechanical rides. Adding to the hair-raising excitement is the fact that riders will experience an acceleration of 4.0G with their feet dangling in the air. Ocean Park is always looking to combine education with entertainment. Starting in the 2012 school year, local students will have an opportunity to learn about the physics behind the new roller coaster through the physics programme offered by Ocean Park Academy, Hong Kong.”

Mr. Gregory So said, “Hong Kong’s economy has benefited significantly from Ocean Park’s redevelopment project, from tourist spending to new employment positions. The opening of Thrill Mountain marks yet another proud step in Ocean Park’s development as an international theme park.”

Situated adjacent to the Summit Station of Ocean Express, Thrill Mountain is a carnival-themed area, with colourful flashing lights and strong musical rhythms driving the festival atmosphere. Spanning a spacious 222,800 square feet that stretches from the east side of the park all the way to the west, Thrill Mountain offers six exhilarating rides, eight booth games, food and beverage as well as specially designed merchandise offerings. Guests will also be mesmerised by views of Deep Water Bay to the east, Aberdeen to the west and the beautiful South China Sea to the south.

The highlight of Thrill Mountain is Hair Raiser, Hong Kong’s first and only floorless roller coaster. It promises to offer the most thrilling ride in Hong Kong, hurling guests through multiple inversions and reaching 4.0G in acceleration and a top speed of 88 kilometres an hour – the fastest among roller coaster rides in Hong Kong. Moreover, riders experience breath-taking twists and turns with their feet dangling in mid-air.

Guests who enjoy thrilling views while flying through the air would love Whirly Bird, an aerial swing ride that overlooks Ocean Park and the beautiful South China Sea beyond. Seated in vehicles that accommodate two riders at a time, guests can even play the role of aviators by manipulating a joystick to lift or dip their vehicle as if it were a vintage plane.

Rev Booster is a ride with passengers seated in cars connected in a circle, moving in forward and backward directions along an undulating track. The ride generates tremendous body-twisting centrifugal force, while strong musical rhythms drive sudden reversals in direction. Guests who thrive in challenges of coordination and strategy would not want to miss Bumper Blasters, a good old fashioned and traditional bumper car ride that promises rollicking fun among friends. Driver’s licence not required!

Bungee Trampoline offers a gravity-defying thrill for participants of all ages. Jumping while strapped in a harness, guests not only can challenge themselves to new heights, they can do spins and somersaults like a trained professional.

Completing the Thrill Mountain experience is The Flash, a pendulum-style mechanical ride that launched in November 2010 as the first ride in Thrill Mountain. Boasting a maximum swinging height of 22 meters, a G-force of 3.9G and a top speed of 60km/hour, the Flash swings guests seated inside a gondola, which is itself rotating at a full 360°. Guests enjoy a spectacular view of the entire Ocean Park and surroundings – though at an upside down orientation.

In addition to the six rollicking rides, Thrill Mountain features eight different game booths, presenting guests a chance to test their skills and accuracy in shooting, throwing, tossing, kicking, aiming, and more. Winners will take home exclusive prizes. Guests can recharge after rounds of strenuous screaming with a scoop of gelato at the Refill Station beside the Hair Raiser. For a complete meal, there is the Clown Corner, which features a contemporary food court offering different cuisines including Italian, Japanese, Taiwanese and Indian and a 300-seat Dining Hall for guests to enjoy their delicious food in comfort. Thrill Mountain also features a wide range of merchandise themed after carnivals and masquerade parties, all perfect for holiday gifting. There are more than enough offerings in Thrill Mountain for guests to add two or more hours of fun to every Park visit.

With the launch of Thrill Mountain in time for the start of the holiday season, Ocean Park offers not only heart-pumping thrills, but also heart-warming seasonal presentations as part of this year’s Christmas Sensation, which runs from now to 2 January 2012. This being the first Christmas after the opening of Aqua City, guests would not want to miss the nightly Light Twinkle Twinkle Christmas Light Show, a brand new Christmas spectacular presented on the Lagoon. The Waterfront Plaza has been transformed into Nutcracker Christmas City – a life-sized toy town – which is playing host to a 40-foot tall Christmas tree, a giant lollipop and a 3-metre tall Whisker dressed as a nutcracker. Starting from 17 December, not only can guests bask in the romantic glow of the nightly Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, they can also relish in the beautiful singing of Christmastime Carollers. The Child Development Matching Fund recruited a number of local schools and organizations to offer carol singing at Ocean Park during this year’s Christmas Sensation. To join the carol singing, every participant had to make a donation to the Fund, which benefits underprivileged children. At the Whisker’s Harbour, guests will find out about life in Santa’s workshop by becoming an elf for a day at Santa’s Elf Secret Factory. Kids will also receive instruction from an energetic elf in interactive games on the finer points of making every child’s dream come true.

The Summit Plaza is the site of Santa’s Christmas Hideaway, where guests can have their photographs taken with Santa Claus and enjoy different seasonal performances and activities for kids.

During Ocean Park Christmas Sensation, guests not only can enjoy a number of Christmas menus, they can also visit Neptune’s Restaurant for a 3-course Christmas set. Kids Menus are available at the Park’s various dining locations. To offer guests an extra sweet Christmas experience, Ocean Park is offering for the first time ever DIY Christmas Cakes workshops. Participating guests will learn how to add different chocolate pieces on a white cream cake to create a panda or a snowman design to their own artistic taste#.

Dr. Zeman concluded, “This Christmas at Ocean Park is extra festive as we have three newly launched themed zones – Aqua City, the Rainforest and now Thrill Mountain. So I encourage everyone to plan ahead for a visit to Ocean Park during this holiday season.”

# The DIY Christmas Cakes workshop is available on Dec 18, 24, 25 and 26. As space is limited, priority will be given to SmartFun Annual Pass holders.