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Ocean Park Marks Year of New Beginnings with Second Highest-ever Annual Attendance of 7.6 Million Guests New Highs of $633 Million in EBITDA and $2.0 Billion in Revenue for Fiscal Year Ending 30 June 2014


(3 December 2014 - Hong Kong) Ocean Park today announced the results for its 2013/14 fiscal year that ended on 30 June 2014*, during which the Park overcame initial challenges to record its second highest-ever annual attendance and set new highs in EBITDA and revenue. A total of 7.6 million guests enjoyed Ocean Park’s many new offerings combining education, conservation and entertainment values, culminating in a 6% increase in revenue to $2.0 billion and 1% increase in EBITDA to $633 million, while net surplus finished at $96.0 million. While encouraged by the positive results, Ocean Park remains committed to taking a prudent approach to managing its financial obligations and funding for development projects already underway.

The final year of Dr. Allan Zeman’s 11-year chairmanship was marked by a series of new beginnings, including the transformation of a legacy exhibit into the new world-class Shark Mystique attraction, the elevation of the Park’s iconic Halloween event into a new all-day-and-night celebration, the unveiling of brand new educational presentations at two theatre venues, as well as the official start of both the hotel and waterpark projects.

Dr. Allan Zeman said, “The remarkable results of the 2013/14 fiscal year epitomised the phenomenal growth Ocean Park achieved over the past 11 years, not just as an international theme park, but also in terms of economic and social contributions to Hong Kong. During last year alone, we produced HK$130 million in benefit to the community through our extensive social care programmes. Despite inclement weather and curtailed growth in group tourist arrivals, we were able to drive attendance among locals and frequent independent travellers. We also continued our support for conservation by donating HK$13.1 million to the cause. The achievements that brought so much pride and joy to the community over the past decade are a testament to the creativity and dedication of the Board, the management team and the entire staff. Under the leadership of Mr. Leo Kung, Ocean Park is well on its way to reach new heights.”

Mr. Leo Kung, Chairman of Ocean Park, said, “Working alongside Dr. Zeman on the Board of Ocean Park over the past 11 years has been an inspiring experience. During his tenure, we were able to put in place a development process that helped Hong Kong capitalise on tourism opportunities and strengthen our role as a community asset for family recreation. The momentum of growth is now sustained through the hotel and waterpark projects already underway. Not only will the new projects transform Ocean Park into Hong Kong’s first home-grown international resort destination and bring back a local favourite pastime, they will once again boost local employment. The waterpark project will create an estimated total of 2,900 new employment positions for the year 2018, whereas the Ocean Hotel project is expected to create approximately 3,500 employment positions during the construction phase and, upon completion, approximately 500 hospitality positions.”

Ocean Park achieved steady progress in reducing its carbon emissions in accordance with its industry-leading Carbon Footprint Management Plan, which targets to reduce the Park’s absolute carbon emissions by 10% and carbon intensity by 25% over ten years, using 2011/12 as the base year. For the fiscal year 2013/2014, the Park recorded 54,958 tonnes of carbon emission on an absolute basis, 3.4% less than the base year; and a carbon intensity of 7.2 tonnes per 1,000 visitors, 10.5% less than the base year.

As one of the region’s leading funder of conservation projects, Ocean Park donated HK$13.1 million to the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong (OPCFHK), which supported 44 projects across 12 countries and involving 30 species during the 2013/14 fiscal year.

Education remained a key focus of Ocean Park. Since 1992, the Park has been providing local students with unique learning experiences through courses delivered inside the Park, with over 744,000 students having benefited. During the 2013/2014 fiscal year alone, over 55,000 students ranging from kindergarten to senior secondary took part in some 1,500 courses under 36 different programmes offered by the Ocean Park Academy, Hong Kong (OPAHK). This past year also marked the launch of the three-year “Blue Matters” movement, an umbrella programme that brings together existing and new educational exhibits and presentations as well as community initiatives to instil marine conservation awareness and inspire action.

Mr. Kung concluded, “The new fiscal year is full of excitement. The detail design phase of our hotel and waterpark projects is near completion and both projects are slated to start construction around the end of 2014.  We also look forward to introducing to the public our brand new animal ambassadors from South Australia, including the adorable koalas and other unique species, when Adventures of Australia opens in early 2015. Everyone is welcome to visit Ocean Park and help us usher in a new era of our history.”


* Ocean Park’s Annual Report 2013/14 is available for download at the following location: